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"Papandreou Then and Now"

George Schira recounts his first trip to Greece as an aide to former US president Jimmy Carter, and contrasts events of that time with events of today

Sacred goal restores the golden age for Greece

Greeks are wary of facing Argentina on "unlucky Tuesday" but until then are rejoicing in [...]

Letter of protest to the publishers of the German magazine FOCUS by the Federation of Greek Communities in Germany

A letter of protest, written in a harsh tone, was issued today to the publishers of the German magazine FOCUS by OEK (Federation of...

Byzantine exhibit in Bonn

Presenting more than 600 magnificent and historically meaningful exhibits and important artefacts from collections and archaeological excavations the exhibition shed light on many aspects...

Visiting the Ancient city of Petra in Jordan

Photo Credit: Rachel Portele Petra was a place that the local Beduins knew for years and tried to hide for the rest of the world....

Benaki Greek Civilization Exhibition in Quebec

An exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization here presents a selection of 194 exquisite objects from the Benaki Museum collections that cover a...

Travel During Ramadan for Non-Muslims in the Middle East

Tourism in the Middle East drops sharply during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims abstain from food, drink, and smoking from dawn until dusk to focus on moderation and their faith. Cited reasons for this from the non-Muslim population include a fear that the ywon't be able to enjoy meals or beverages during their travels

From Greece to Turkey: A Sunset to Sunrise Train Ride

View from the train as it leaves Thessaloniki When most of people think of trains in Europe the first thing that comes to their mind...