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“OK,” Is This Borrowed From the Greek Language, Too?

Ok, or okay, is one of the most frequently used words in the English language, but does it have a Greek origin? One theory on...

The Vlachs: The Proud Greeks Who Speak a Romance Language

The Vlachs, a group of proud Greeks who speak a Romance language called "Vlachika," or Aromanian, have their own distinct culture and traditions within...

The History of the Greek Language Throughout Time

Among the world's 2,700 languages, Greek stands out for its centuries-long, unique and continuous path. If we also consider the influence it exerted—both in...

The Ex-Slave Who Authored a Greek Language Book

William Sanders Scarborough was an African-American, emancipated slave who authored a Greek textbook. His First Lessons in Greek was written in 1881. The textbook...

The Whistled Language of Greece and How it Could be Lost Forever

Residents of the mountainous village of Antia on the idyllic island of Evia, Greece "speak" a unique whistling language called "Sfyria." The villagers of Antia...

How Orthodox Martyrs Saved the Greek Language Under Ottoman Rule

The Greek language survived almost 400 years of Ottoman rule due to the Greek Orthodox Church, which protected and taught the language.

Common Words in the Greek and Turkish Language

There are over three hundred Turkish words that are used daily in the Greek language. This is not surprising given the fact that Greeks...

The Greek Polyglot Who Speaks 32 Languages

Ioannis Ikonomou, a Greek translator, is not the average polyglot who speaks four or five languages, he speaks 32 -- 16 of them fluently.

Minoan Language Linear A Linked to Linear B in Groundbreaking Research

The ancient Minoan language known as "Linear A," long untranslated, may finally be deciphered with the help of the internet.

5-Year-Old Boy with Autism Can Write in 10 Languages, Including Greek

A 5-year-old boy with autism who has a photographic memory and the amazing ability to read and write 10 languages, including Greek, has stunned...