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Top Five Ancient Greek Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Beauty was extremely important in ancient Greece and not just for women but for men, as well. As admirers of beauty, ancient Greeks placed...

Ancient Greeks Used Cosmetics in Eternal Search for Beauty

The Greek word "kosmetika" is the root of the English word ‘cosmetics.’ The word also meant any product that protected the hair and face.

The Unique, Ethereal Beauty of Meteora, Greece

Meteora, Greece, is like no other place on Earth; indeed, in many ways, it looks as if it is on another planet, with its...

La Belle Otero: The Greek-Spanish Beauty Who Enchanted the Belle Epoque

Agustina del Carmen Otero Iglesias, known as "La Belle Otero," was said to be the most beautiful woman of the Belle Epoque—so beautiful, in...

Donkey Milk: The Ancient Greek Secret for Health and Beauty

Humans have been using milk from donkeys for cosmetic and health purposes since antiquity, particularly the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Today, dozens of new...

Hydra Offers History and Stunning Beauty in Complete Serenity

Hydra has long been a destination for artists, musicians, and free spirits inspired by its stunning natural beauty and vibrant port town.

The Eerie Beauty of the Former Leper Colony of Spinalonga, Crete

Stunning videos recently published by Crete's CNA website perfectly depict the unique mystery and eerie beauty of the former leper Spinalonga islet. The tiny islet...

How the Venus de Milo Shaped the Western Idea of Female Beauty

The Venus de Milo changed western culture in the 19th century.

Greece’s Lake Doxa Offers Landscape of Unparalleled Beauty

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake created in the village of Archaia Feneos, in Western Corinthia, on the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

Lady Hamilton: The 18th-Century Beauty who Revived Ancient Greek Fashion

Lady Hamilton, a woman who became famous in Europe for her astonishing beauty spread Ancient Greek-inspired fashion across the continent