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Best Greek Travel Destinations 2023 Awarded by UK Travelers

The favorite holiday destinations of British travelers for 2023 were announced on Wednesday at the 2nd annual Greek Travel Awards ceremony, which took place at...

The New Seven Wonders of the World

In the second century BC, the outstanding Greek engineer, physicist, and writer Philo of Byzantium compiled a list of the Seven Ancient Wonders of...

Papingo: One of the Most Picturesque Villages in Greece

Perched very near the end of Vikos Gorge, picturesque Papingo consists of two villages, Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo, or Greater Papingo and Lesser Papingo

Greece in Europe’s Top 10 for UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Greece is among the top ten countries for the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe in 2023. The new list, published by...

MA Degree in Magic Offered at a British University

The University of Exeter is launching a new program in September 2024 called the MA in Magic and Occult Science. This program is all...

Vikos Gorge: The Greek Grand Canyon

The Vikos Gorge is known as the "Greek Grand Canyon" because of its dizzying cliffs and stunning heights.

The Greek Ghost Village of Epirus That Resisted Tyranny

Paleo Mavronoros, an abandoned village in the Greek province of Epirus, has a long history of valiant resistance to tyrannical overlords and unique beauty...

Claudia Schiffer Celebrates Her Birthday in Greece

Claudia Schiffer the German supermodel, actress, and businesswoman celebrated her 53rd birthday in Greece and shared a series of photos on her Instagram account. In...

The 8 Pristine Mountains of Greece Where Construction Is Banned

Greece has decided to ban all construction on six 'pristine mountains' in order to stop the overexploitation of the environment of recent years

The Greek Monument Honoring the Brave Women of Pindos

There is a relatively unknown monument, among the many from World War II, that praises the brave women of Pindos who contributed to the...