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Greek Islanders Battled French, Ottomans Over Venus de Milo Statue

The Aphrodite of Milo, better known as Venus de Milo, is one of the most representative statues of the Hellenistic period of Greek sculpture.

Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman Designs Knock on Europe’s Door

Relations between Turkey and Europe have become increasingly strained, as many fear that Erdogan is promoting pan-Turkism in the Continent.

Greece To Re-Bury Turkish Corpses From Ottoman Era

Greek authorities announced that they will rebury Turkish corpses from 1923 that were unearthed in the northwest province of Chalkidiki.

Cyprus President Accuses Turkey of Envisioning New Ottoman Empire

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades took a swipe at Turkey and the “arrogance of those who envision a new Ottoman empire” on Sunday.

Gate to Byzantine City, Ottoman Baths Discovered under Mytilene Castle

Recent excavations undertaken by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesvos  have revealed new Byzantine structures and baths dating back to the Ottoman era.

Chios Massacre: The Worst Atrocity Committed by the Ottomans Against Greeks

The Chios massacre of 1822 was perhaps the worst atrocity carried out by the Ottomans against Greeks during the War of Independence. Approximately three-quarters of...

A Century Later World Finally Awakens to the Ottoman Genocide of Christians

By Michael Goodyear* In the final years of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman government under the Committee of Union and Progress (“CUP”) orchestrated massacres of...

Melbourne Lecture Examines Epirus’ Multiculturalism During Late Ottoman Empire

A lecture sponsored by the Greek Community of Melbourne on June 20 shed new light on life in Epirus, Greece during the last years...

Greece's Nafpaktos Marks Defeat of Ottoman Navy in Spectacular Fashion (video)

The town of Nafpaktos in western Greece marked on Saturday the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto with a spectacular display of battling ships...

Athens' Last Ottoman Fountain Was Built by City's Tyrannical Ruler

A unique monument in Athens lies hidden in one of the gardens belonging to the capital's Agricultural University on Iera Odos (Sacred Road), the...