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Οver 70 Aftershocks Recorded in Evia, Greece After 4.9 Earthquake

Over seventy aftershocks rattled Evia, Greece in the twenty-four hours following the 4.9 earthquake on Wednesday near the town of Psachna. The tremor was also...

4.9 Earthquake Rattles Evia and Athens on Wednesday

A strong earthquake rattled the island of Evia in central Greece at 2:25 pm local time. The tremor was felt in Athens around 65...

New 4.9 Earthquake Hits Evia, Greece

A 4.9 earthquake hit the island of Evia in central Greece on Tuesday evening. The island was rattled by a series of aftershocks throughout...

Magnitude 4.7 Earthquake Rattles Evia Island in Greece

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit the island of Evia in central Greece in the early hours of Tuesday. The tremor was felt in Athens,...

Fire Breaks Out on Evia Island, Village Evacuated

A fire broke out in the area of Gaia in Evia in the municipality of Kimi-Aliveri on Saturday. Greek authorities ordered the evacuation of the...

Swedish Satire Filmed In Evia, Greece, Wins Palme D’Or 2022

Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness, filmed in Evia island, Greece, is the winner of this year's Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival.

Evia Film Project Offers Five Days of Free Events, June 15-19

A new film festival set in Euboea island, Central Greece, aspires to become the new meeting point for the global green cinema industry.

Photo of Woman From Evia Among TIME’s Best Photos of 2021

A moving photo of an elderly lady taken during the fires that devastated the island of Evia, Greece was chosen on Wednesday as one...

Floods Follow Catastrophic Fires in Greece’s Evia

The North Evia floods generated by the bad weather system "Athena" caused great destruction as they swept the fire-stricken North Evia

Greek Reporter Delivers $172,000 in Fire Relief to Victims on Evia

From the first moment of the awful fires of August 2021 on Evia island, Greek Reporter deployed its team in Greece not only to...