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Mummies With Golden Tongues Discovered in Egypt

Archeologists have discovered several ancient mummies in Egypt with gold chips in their mouths where the tongues should be. The recent finding was made...

Hippocrates’ Medicinal Recipes Discovered at Monastery in Egypt

Monks at the St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt, have discovered medical recipes from Hippocrates.

Turkey and Egypt Exchange Envoys in a Move to Normalize Relations

Turkey and Egypt jointly announced on Tuesday their decision to increase diplomatic representation to the level of ambassadors after 10 years of tension. The announcement...

Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to Withdraw Joint World Cup Bid

On Wednesday, representatives of Greece and Saudi Arabia reached a decision that they would not be going ahead with their joint bid together with...

Alexander the Great Campaigns Influenced Egyptian, World Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the ancient world as a result of the Greek conqueror's military campaigns, including Egypt.

3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Goddess Figurine Found in Israel

In a remarkable turn of events, a beachgoer in Israel stumbled upon a captivating artifact that hearkens back to the age of the pharaohs...

Body Parts of Man Eaten Alive in Egypt Found Inside Shark’s Body

The remains of a Russian man who was attacked and eaten alive by a shark off the coast of an Egyptian resort have been...

Tourists Record Man Eaten by Shark in Egypt

On Thursday, tourists in Egypt watched in horror as a Russian man was eaten by a shark just meters away from the beach. According to...

Egypt Bans Dutch Archaeology Team Due to ‘Afrocentric’ Exhibition

A group of archaeologists from a Dutch museum has been banned from conducting excavations in Egypt's Saqqara necropolis due to a controversial exhibition organized...

Underwater City of Heracleion, Egypt, and its Links to Ancient Greece

The Lost City Of Heracleion, which was once the largest port in Egypt, was discovered underwater after more than 2,000 years.