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Fireships: How Greece’s Daring Sailors Destroyed the Turkish Fleet

The fireships were a weapon of necessity used by the skilled sailors of the Greek navy to a devastating, asymmetric effect during the Greek War of Independence.

The Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt

The story of Hellenism in Alexandria goes back more than two millennia, when Alexander the Great established the city.

Time For the Greek Diaspora to Talk to Each Other

Most of the time when I talk to other Diaspora Greeks, it is in Greece itself. We all talk via Greece but not amongst...

The Cyprus Coup that Provided Pretext for Turkey to Invade

On July 15, 1974, a military coup took place in Cyprus instigated by the junta in Athens, giving Turkey pretext to invade five days...

Greece and France Ink Frigates Deal

Greece and France signed on Thursday the deal for the procurement by the Hellenic Navy of three Belharra frigates, with an option for a...

Benefactors Who Shaped Modern Greece

Seven of the most important benefactors in Greece contributed massively to the birth of modern Greece after the fighting heroes kicked out the Ottomans...

Metsovo: The Greek Winter Gem of Lakes, Forests and Ski Resorts

Metsovo is a renowned mountainside town straddling the Pindus mountain range where Epirus converges with western Macedonia and Thessaly. Standing at an altitude of 1,156...

Stavroula Gouvousi: The First Woman Executed in Greece

The first ever woman to be executed in Greece after the court gave her the death penalty was 63-year-old Stavroula Gouvousi

Why Does Greece Lead in the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies?

Greece will lead in the opening ceremony in the upcoming 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, bringing back the question: Why Greece?

Japan Announces Ban on Foreign Spectators at 2020 Olympics

Most fans will be banned from the postponed 2020 Olympic Games when they open in July, Tokyo organizers announced on Saturday.