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Deal Reached for 50% Haircut – Full Text of Euro Summit Statement

All eyes in Greece were firmly fixed on Brussels last night as the latest attempt by EU leaders[...]

Troika Shocking Report on Greek Debt: Full Text

The European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund have reported on the sustainability of Greece's debt. Read the text of the report below: Greece:...

Vanishing Cyprus: Bank Domination

What the people of Greece are going through is certainly a crime against humanity! We are seeing a human tragedy unfolding in front of...

Two Years in Power: Ten Things George Papandreou Has or Hasn’t Changed

From crushing ruling Conservatives party two years ago, Papandreou’s poll numbers have suffered a dramatic slump turning the Greek PM into a contemporary Diogenes of Sinope who instead of strolling around with a lamp looking for an honest man, he’s desperately looking for his voters- if there’s anyone left that is[...]

Greece Sees a Half Trillion Dollar Deficit, More Taxes

ATHENS – As renters are asking for and getting lower rents and home sales and values are plummeting because of Greece's economic crisis, the...

As Greeks Rage, Merkel Says Germany Backs a “Strong Greece”

ATHENS – As Prime Minister George Papandreou’s PASOK Socialist Members of Parliament unanimously supported an emergency property tax as part of crushing new austerity...

Papandreou: Greece Will Deliver On All Its Pledges

Prime Minister George Papandreou said he can "guarantee" that Greece will deliver on all the austerity pledges made for its first EUR110 billion rescue program, and reaffirmed that the country will reach[...]

Greeks Gird for More “Blood and Tears” Economic Hits

With Greece still poised on the edge of bankruptcy and growing predictions the country will fail, Prime Minister George Papandreou said he will institute...

Greek Workers Threaten Action Strikes, Papandreou’s Security Bill In

ATHENS – As the Greek government readied more pay cuts and tax hikes for the country’s beleaguered workers, middle-class, poor and pensioners, the main...

Sarkozy, Merkel 'Convinced' Greece to Remain in Euro Area

Greece is an "integral" part of the eurozone, the leaders of Greece, France and Germany said in an emergency teleconference Wednesday night that aimed...