Greek Climate Activist Spreads Message by Cycling Around the World

A Greek activist is launching a campaign to raise awareness about climate change by cycling a total of 7,500 km (4,660 miles), a minimum of nine hours a day, taking in eight countries, and...

US and Greece Conduct Joint Military Exercises Near Mount Olympus

A large-scale joint military exercise in the foothills of Mount Olympus took place on Wednesday between the aviation units from the armies of Greece and the United States. This new Greek-American exercise took place only...



@国航乘客 | 国航3月14日雅典-北京直航航班如期执飞


希腊公共电力公司出新规 要求用户自行测定用电量


European Court Gives Greece Go-Ahead for Migrant Detention Centers

Enclosed detention facilities for migrants and asylum seekers are not prohibited by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), its President said on Tuesday at a briefing in the Greek Parliament. Court President Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos...

英欧贸易谈判在即 希腊添加条款要求英归还帕特农雕塑


Greek Delegation Walks Out of NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Protest

The Greek delegation to NATO's Parliamentary Assembly issued a joint statement on Wednesday explaining the reasons behind its walkout from the Assembly in a rare gesture of anger and protest. The incident took place on...

Turkish Vessel to Begin Gas Exploration Off Crete – Report

A Turkish newspaper reported on Wednesday that Ankara will soon send an exploration vessel to start searching for hydrocarbon reserves off the southeast corner of the Greek island of Crete. Yeni Safak reported that...

ЕС потребовал от Британии вернуть сокровища Парфенона

Правительство входящей в Евросоюз Греции считает, что выход Великобритании из ЕС даст возможность вернуть в страну мрамор Элгина – скульптуры, вывезенные из Парфенона в XIX веке, сообщили СМИ. Как пишет британская The Times, новая...