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Priestesses Among Few Women With Status and Power in Ancient Greece

Life for women in most city states of Ancient Greece, was very difficult but ancient Greek priestesses had powers that gave them high status.

Ten of the Acropolis Museum’s Most Beautiful Exhibits

The Acropolis Museum located only 330 meters (1,000 feet) from the famed hill of the same name hosts some of the world's most important antiquities

The Olympic Airways Uniform Design That Made Fashion History

Pierre Cardin, who passed away in late December, designed the Olympic Airways flight attendant uniforms in the glory days of the airline.

Did The Earth’s Fumes Drive Pythia’s Prophecies at Delphi?

Pythia's prophesies at Delphi may have been associated with fumes from the spring waters that flowed under the temple, ancient historians and modern scientists have been claiming. "...neither her face nor hue went untransformed; Her breast heaved; Her wild heart...

Crete Celebrates Union With Greece on December 1st

On December 1, 1913, the island of Crete was officially integrated into the Greek state after Sultan Mehmet V had finally relinquished all sovereignty over the island exactly a month earlier. Crete's liberation from Ottoman rule was the result of...

Ten Reasons to Take a Winter Trip to Greece

Winter in Greece can be magical! Although Greece is most often thought of as a summer travel destination, the country is incredibly beautiful during the winter, and very few tourists know of its winter charms. The weather Greece enjoys up to...

The Lost Letters of the Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet has changed in many ways over the course of its existence. This is hardly surprising, given that the Greeks have been using it for nearly three millennia. One way in which it has changed is that...

Chestnuts: A Very Greek Wintertime Delicacy

In winter, roasted chestnut street stalls are a common sight in Greek cities. The sellers have small, portable braziers, heaps of roasted chestnuts ready to sell in paper cornets, and yet more that are still roasting. Dimitris, a twenty-year-old selling...

Seven Benefactors Who Shaped Modern Greece

Seven of the most important benefactors in Greece contributed massively to the birth of modern Greece after the fighting heroes kicked out the Ottomans through their generosity and philanthropy. These men were industrialists, shipping magnates, and rich aristocrats, who built...

The Boston Marathon Winner Who Ran for Seven Million Hungry Greeks

Stylianos Kyriakides, was a Greek Cypriot marathon runner who won the Boston Marathon in 1946 with the goal of raising funds to provide food and shelter to Greeks suffering from severe poverty following the Second World War and the Greek...

Greece’s Healthy Trahana Soup Will Warm You Up this Winter

Trachanas is a staple Greek recipe ready in minutes, filling, and full of vitamins. However, the process of making it actually takes months.

Greece’s Top Winter Destinations

Greece is known around the world for its sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal- clear waters, but there is another equally magical and exciting side to the country. There are many winter destinations that will make anyone drop...

Hundreds Visit Thessaloniki Metro Station in Open House Event

Hundreds of visitors flocked to the interior of the Agia Sofia metro station in Thessaloniki during an "Open House" event on Saturday.

Greece’s Traditional Art of Basket Weaving Facing Extinction

Traditional handicrafts of Greece were initially born out of necessity. Still appreciated today is basket weaving.

The Most Stunning Ancient Villages in Greece

Greece has some true hidden gems when it comes to its ancient villages. Tourism has yet to spoil these towns that are steeped in history.