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How Boxing Became a Popular Sport in Ancient Greece

Boxing in ancient Greece originated as a very tough sport, much harder than professional boxing as we know it today.

Unraveling the Mystery of Longevity on Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria, a beautiful island located in the eastern Aegean, may look similar to any other Greek islands, but there is one vital difference.

Over 18,000 Coronavirus-Related Deaths in Greece Since Start of Pandemic

Greece recorded a total of 6,677 cases of the coronavirus on Monday. The record for the highest number of coronavirus cases recorded in one day in Greece was broken on November 9, when 8,623 cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed. In the...

106-Year-Old Greek Yiayia Prays For the Whole World Every Day

At 106 years of age, a Greek yiayia, or grandmother, named Anthi Katsouli stands in her yard every single day and prays for the entire world. Born in the village of Katarraktis in the region of Arta in Epirus, Northwestern...

Mastiha: The Unique Mastic Gum of Chios People Call ‘White Gold’

Mastic, often referred to as the "Tears of Chios" or the "White Gold of Chios," is a product produced only on that particular Greek island. Since antiquity, this sticky resin, which seeps from the bark of mastic trees, has...

Dassault: The Greek Connection of One of Europe’s Wealthiest Families

Dassault Aviation is the company behind the Rafale aircraft that Greece has acquired to help protect its borders.

”Karavaki,” The Tradition of Decorating Boats — Not Trees — at Christmas

The tradition of the ''Karavaki,'' which is Greek for ''small boat,'' is deeply rooted in the folkways of a country with a symbiotic relationship with the sea.

The Whistled Greek Language “Sfyria” — and How it Could be Lost Forever

Residents of the mountainous village of Antia, on the idyllic island of Evia, Greece "speak" a unique whistling language called "Sfyria." The villagers of Antia use different whistled tones corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. By putting each whistled...

Edessa: The Greek City of Water and of the Five Senses

Get to know Edessa, the Northern Greek city referred to as the “City of Water and of the Five Senses,” which is home to thermal springs and the famed Edessa Waterfalls. Edessa is the capital of Pella, located in the...

Cuteness Overload: Adorable Seal Pups Meet for the First Time

Prepare for cuteness overload at the sight of two baby seal pups meeting for the first time at The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal’s (MOm) rehabilitation center this past Wednesday. On Monday, November 22nd,...

The Secrets of the Ancient Neighborhood Beneath the Acropolis

The ancient neighborhood beneath the Acropolis Musum reveals life in ancient Athens long before the Parthenon and the sculptures on the Acropolis

The Legend of the Last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos

In 1453, the Ottomans seized Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire and the life of its last emperor, Constantine Palaiologos.

Chestnuts: A Very Special, Very Greek Wintertime Delicacy

In winter, roasted chestnut street stalls are a common sight in Greek cities. The sellers have small, portable braziers, heaps of roasted chestnuts ready to sell in paper cornets, and yet more that are still roasting. Dimitris, a 20-year-old selling...

Greek Island of Milos is Inspiration for Latest Dior Collection

The Greek island of Milos, and ancient Greece, are the inspirations behind the latest collection from the iconic French fashion house of Dior. The video for the latest collection, which was published on Dior's YouTube channel, shows off the stunning...

Greece Restricts Travel to Save Christmas from Africa Covid Variant

Greece announced on Friday tough measures to keep the country open for this year's Christmas festivities against the latest Covid-19 variant that was discovered in Southern Africa. According to the latest measures, foreign travelers coming into Greece from South Africa,...