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The Philistines Were Likely of Greek Origin, According to DNA

Philistines were very likely of Greek origin, as a new DNA study traces the origins of the ancient villains in the Eastern Mediterranean

The 16th Century Village on Crete That Was Transformed into a Hotel

The 16th-century village of Kapsaliana in Rethymno, Crete has been transformed from a desolate, almost desolate place into a pioneering, world-class hotel. At the time of the Venetian occupation, Kapsaliana was part of the Arkadi Monastery estate, the island’s most...

Greek Island of Sifnos is Where Aegean Charm Meets Delicious Food

The island of Sifnos, which is located in the Aegean Sea, perfectly combines Greek tradition with natural beauty, yet remains a little-known secret outside of Greece. The National Geographic once included the island of Sifnos of the Western Cyclades, as...

Unusual Airbnb in Crete Offers a Bed Under the Stars

An outdoor “Summer Bed under the Stars” is now available for rent to star-gazing travelers on Airbnb in Crete. Gabriella Damianaki is the woman behind this unusual accommodation, which is located in Paleokastro, Heraklion. The "room," which is actually in...

Three Amazing Greek Islands Not to be Missed

There are many smaller, lesser known greek islands that are the perfect escape from the crowds of tourists

The School of Aristotle: One of the First Universities in the World

A place of universal historic and cultural interest, the ruins of the School of Aristotle are located just two miles from the contemporary town of Naoussa in the Greek region of Macedonia. Located in the region of Esvoria along the...

Why Greek Yogurt Is Considered the Best in the World

There has been an astronomic rise in the demand for Greek yogurt outside of its home country due to its taste and health benefits.

10 Breathtaking, Little-known Greek Islands

The Greek islands are well-known for their natural beauty. Some of them are synonymous with summer vacations and are extremely popular tourist destinations worldwide. However, there are some lesser-known islands that can satisfy every visitor while providing serenity, relaxation,...

River Cave Aggitis in Greece Among the Most Spectacular in Europe

The Aggitis river cave, is one of the largest and most spectacular river caves in all of Europe, it is located in northern Greece, near the city of Drama.

Five Natural Pools on the Greek Islands to Discover This Summer

For those heading to the Mediterranean this summer, there can be no better way to enjoy the glimmering azure waters than with a plunge into one of the many natural pools across the Greek islands. These pools are typically formed...

The Remarkable Story of the Greek Spy Who Helped Defeat the Nazis

The story of Helias Doundoulakis is like a good war movie: The story of the Greek spy who helped Greece and the U.S. beat the Nazis

The Uknown Greek Island Onassis Almost Bought

Even today, travelers to Greece can still find many hidden treasure destinations which retain their almost unspoiled beauty, such as the island of Trizonia.

Elafonisos Island: A Little Piece of Greek Heaven

Visiting Elafonisos in Greece is an unforgettable experience because of the unsurpassed natural beauty this small island has to offer.

Palace of Aigai: The Biggest Building of Ancient Greece

The palace of Aigai, known today as Vergina, is considered not only the biggest, but together with the Parthenon, the most significant building of classical Greece. Constructed during the reign of Philip II (359 - 336 BC) on a raised...

How the Mines of Laurion Changed Ancient Athens and the World

Just 50 kilometers south of Athens, between Thoricus and Cape Sounion, lies the mines of Laurion. Silver, copper, lead have been mined there.