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Fly Over the Magical Ancient Temple of Poseidon at Sounio

A spectacular drone video showcasing the Temple of Poseidon captures the glory of the ancient monument situated on Cape Sounio.

Fashion Show for Charity Dazzles Audience at Sounio's Temple of Poseidon

Internationally-acclaimed Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and the organization "ELPIDA - Association of Friends of Children with Cancer" put on an impressive fashion show at Greece's Cape Sounio, under the shadow of the Temple of Poseidon, on Thursday evening. This was...

Blood Moon over Greece's Sounio offers Majestic Pictures

The blood moon over Greece on Friday night offered spectators majestic pictures that were so perfect that it would make even the greatest artists jealous. Its appearance over Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon was a spectacle not to be...

Spectacular Video from the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio as Full Moon Rises

Crowds that had gathered at the temple at Sounio, south of Athens, to see the moon also got a special treat as a partial lunar eclipse was also visible in the night sky. As the Earth passes between the sun...

Sounion Half Marathon at the Ancient Temple of Poseidon

A new half marathon race, the Poseidon Challenge, will be held for the first time on October 2 at the southest part of Attica, at Sounio Cape. The race will link the Temple of Poseidon with the ancient theatre...

First Underwater Dance-Visual Performance "Drops of Breath" at Cape Sounio

Greece will host the world’s first underwater dance-visual performance “Drops of Breath”, at Cape Sounio, on September 25th through the 27th. The performance is an initiative of choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan and Apostolia Papadamaki in collaboration with Lia Haraki and a...

Sounion, Athens: Panoramic Photograph Shot All Throughout the Day and Night

Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoulos had a brilliant idea. For us, it takes only about 30 seconds to have a look at the picture and admire it. But Kotsiopoulos needed a little more time; 30 hours of continuing snapping in...

Turkish Frigate Reaches Cape Sounion

Yesterday afternoon, the Turkish frigate TCG Kemalreis (F-247) reached Cape Sounion and Kafireas, sailing in Greek national waters. The frigate started its journey from the Eastern Mediterranean, went off Rhodes, Milos, and arrived almost 15 miles off the coast of...

The Best Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Greece

While planning your first trip to Greece, you may be overwhelmed with the many marvelous destinations the country has to offer.

Strawberry Moon Illuminates Night Sky

The strawberry moon, which is also designated as a supermoon, is shining in the night sky this week. The moon, which is the full moon for the month of June, is called a supermoon, as it appears much larger and...

How the Mines of Laurion Changed Ancient Athens and the World

Just 50 kilometers south of Athens, between Thoricus and Cape Sounion, lies the mines of Laurion. Silver, copper, lead have been mined there.

Open-Air Cinemas in Greece: Movies Under the Stars

Open Air -- or "summer" cinemas as Greeks call them are a tradition across Greece with many of the most historic being in downtown Athens. 

Ikaria, A Stunning Greek Island of Many Myths

The Greek island of Ikaria is home to a rich history dating back to antiquity, as well as countless natural wonders.

Best Nude Beaches in Greece

Greece has too many nude beaches to count. This list of some of the best Greek nude beaches can be used to narrow down such a plethora of options!

Athens is Focal Point of International Press in Late September

Apart from its history and its museums, Athens is expected to become the focus of international press in late September because of a series of exhibitions and conferences taking place in the city. Various Athens sites, including the famous Benaki...