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Greek Health Minister: Additional Covid-19 Measures After Holidays

Thanasis Plevris, Greek Minister of Health, announced on Wednesday that Greece would likely impose Covid-19 measures after the holidays to halt the spread of the omicron variant. "It is a clear position of the government that after the holidays there...

Trahanas: Greece’s Healthy Comfort Food Will Warm You Up

Trachanas is a staple Greek recipe ready in minutes, filling, and full of vitamins. However, the process of making it actually takes months.

Yale University Researches Health Benefits of Organic Olives from Greece

Researchers at Yale University in the US will conduct new research on the health benefits associated with daily consumption of table olives. The research will be conducted by the Yale School of Public Health and the Department of Cardiology at Yale...

France Suspends Thousands of Unvaccinated Health Workers

France has suspended thousands of hospital, care home and health center workers after they refused to meet the country's rules requiring COVID-19 vaccinations. Oliver Veran, the Health Minister of France, told French radio that the suspended workers would be unpaid,...

Thousands of Unvaccinated Health Workers Suspended in Greece

5,895 unvaccinated health workers have been suspended or are in the process of being suspended from working in Greece. The suspensions follow a new law that mandates vaccines among healthcare workers, under penalty of suspension from their workplace. The Suspension...

Ten Greek Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

The balmy weather in the Mediterranean is the perfect environment to produce nutritious, delicious Greek herbs. These plants that have been known for centuries and are used both in cooking, for their flavors, as well as in medicine, for their...

Leaders as Healers: Ancient Greek Ideas on the Health of the Body Politic

Ancient Greek philosophers including Plato likened civic leaders to doctors, creating a healthy society through balance and moderation. Those ideas feed into what we expect from leaders today. By Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides In the current health crisis, we might ask what needs to...

Covid-19: Unpaid Leave for Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in Greece

Healthcare workers in Greece who remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 will be put on unpaid leave according to the Greek Health Ministry.

The Science Behind Greek Food’s Amazing Healthy Properties

Greek food is often considered among the most healthy cuisines in the world, as it is linked to the Mediterranean diet, which has been proven to have countless health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is the utmost example of a diet...

Greeks Will Be Wearing Masks Until 2022 Health Official Says

A Greek health official stated recently that Greeks most likely will be wearing masks against transmission of the coronavirus until 2022.

Increasing Number of Patients in ICUs Puts Strain on Greek Health System

The number of people with the coronavirus who require intubation has caused concern amongst Greek health officials.

Greek PM Vows to Strengthen National Health System in Covid-19 Fight

Greek PM Mitsotakis vowed to strengthen the national health system during a meeting on the epidemiological situation in Attica and the rest of the country.

Greek Terrorist Koufontinas Continues Hunger Strike as Health Deteriorates

The health of Greek convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufontinas has swiftly deteriorated lately, it was made public on Saturday evening.

Greek PM Urges Health Care Workers to Be Vaccinated

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged health workers to receive the coronavirus vaccination during a tour of hospitals in northern Greece on Wednesday. The PM's appeal comes after polls and anecdotal evidence point to a reluctance by large numbers of...

Foundation Donates Ultracold Freezers to Greek Health System for Vaccine Storage

A total of fourteen ultra-cold freezers will be donated by the Bodossaki Foundation to the nation of Greece for the storage of the coronavirus vaccine when it is delivered, according to the Foundaiton's announcement on Thursday. The freezers are needed...