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Why Are There as Many Churches on Mykonos as There Are Families?

Why is the Greek island of Mykonos home to so many churches, chapels, and monasteries?

Holy Thursday Commemorates Last Supper in the Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Thursday and the Last Supper is the culmination of the Divine Drama in the Greek Orthodox Church: The last day of Jesus Christ on earth

Greece’s Miracle Church: 17 Oak Trees Sprout From its Roof and Walls

A tiny church in Greece's Peloponnese dating from the 11th or the 12th century is a miracle of nature, and for the faithful, a sign of God’s power. Religious pilgrims and sightseers alike come to visit Saint Theodora, near the...

Ten Majestic Aegean Sea Churches in Greece Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

There are a large number of Aegean churches throughout Greece Some humble and unpretentious here is a list of the most majestic.

Greece’s Open-Air Church that Looks Up to the Skies

The roofless church of Panagia Kakaviotissa on the island of Limnos is one of the most impressive Greek Orthodox churches in the world.

The Priest Who Lost His Church in the Massive Fire of Evia, Greece

The destruction of an old Greek Orthodox church in Kokkinomilia was one of the many sad losses Evia has suffered after the fires that ravaged the island. Villages were evacuated and left to the infernos, hundreds of houses were destroyed,...

Corfu Pays Last Respects to Prince Philip in Church Ceremony

Corfu, the birthplace of Prince Philip, honored his memory in a ceremony held at the Church of Agios Spyridon.

Greek Church "Must Assume Responsibility" During Feast of Epiphany

The Church must assume responsibility in preventing the spread of Covid-19, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday.

Greek Priest Expels Mask-less Churchgoers

A Greek priest expelled several faithful who were not wearing masks from the church of  Agios Nikolaos in Flario, Kalamata, during a liturgy on Christmas Day. "Play objector in your home, not here," were the caustic words of the priest who...

Greek Church Slams "Neurotic" Focus on Holy Communion

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece said on Monday that members of the media who allege that the coronavirus can be spread via Communion are "neurotic." In a statement issued after the death over the weekend of Ioannis,...

Elderly Greek Woman Asked to Leave Church Service for Wearing Mask

  According to reports in the Greek media, a 74-year-old woman from Kozani, in northern Greece, was asked to leave a Sunday Liturgy yesterday for donning a surgical face mask. According to Greek broadcaster ERT, the hieromonk Ignatios, who officiates at...

Church Bells in Greece Toll Mournfully for Hagia Sophia

Orthodox Churches throughout Greece on Friday marked  the conversion of Constantinople's Hagia Sophia to a mosque by mournfully tolling their bells. Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Ieronymos called the conversion of the cradle of the Greek Orthodoxy as "an...

Relics of Orthodox Saint Nektarios Stolen from Greek Church

Relics of Agios Nektarios, which were kept in a special casket in front of his icon, in the Church of Agios Nektarios, in the village of Platanitis in central Greece, were stolen on Thursday. The thieves broke into the church...

Church of Greece: Yoga is Incompatible with Christian Faith

The Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece has decided that yoga has no place in the life of Christians because it is a fundamental part of the religion of Hinduism. The official decision was taken on Tuesday during...

Catholic Church Changes Holy Communion Procedure

Thousands of Orthodox faithful flocked to churches on Sunday following their opening after two months of lockdown because of the coronavirus threat. Lines for Holy Communion, which is shared by the same spoon, stretched out the door as Orthodox Christians...