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Folegandros: An Unspoiled Greek Island Paradise

Folegandros is for those who are looking to experience a more simple and unforgettable Greek island vacation

Alexandros Iolas: The Rise and Tragic Fall of Greece’s Greatest Art Collector

The story of Alexandros Iolas, Greece's greatest art collector, reads, appropriately, like a Greek tragedy.

Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Who Sparked the War of Independence

Before the breakout of the War of Independence, Alexandros Ypsilantis decided that the first blow against the Ottomans should be outside Greece

The Imposing Lighthouse of Andros, Greece a Symbol of its Glorious Shipping Past

On the Aegean island of Andros, Greece a lighthouse emerges from the water like a strange sea creature is one of the most famous spots on the island. The Tourlitis lighthouse, which is located at the northernmost extreme of the...

Villages Evacuated on Greece’s Andros as Fire Breaks Out

A large wildfire broke out on Sunday morning on the Greek island of Andros, in the archipelago of the Cyclades.

Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Whose Heart Remained in Greece Forever – Literally

Alexandros Ypsilantis, a founding member of Filiki Eteria that coordinated the beginning of the Greek War of Independence.

Andros: The Island Getaway on the Doorstep of Athens

Accolades for the island of Andros, situated in the Cyclades archipelago just ten kilometers (six miles) off the tip of Euboea Island, keep coming in the major international media, which continue to sing its many praises. The Sunday Times recently...

Alexandros Iolas: An Extraordinary Life of Fine Art — and Greek Tragedy

When Alexandros Iolas died in June 1987, Greece lost not only one of the world's greatest art collectors who was willing to donate his priceless possessions to the Greek state, but also a man who contributed greatly to the...

Leonardo DiCaprio Shares Video of Andros Island Plastics Cleanup

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted on the Greek island of Paros last week, enjoying all the delights that the idyllic destination has to offer during his summer vacation. But the actor, long known for his environmental activism, took an opportunity...

Lamia Court Upholds Conviction for Murderer of Alexandros Grigoropoulos

The court of Lamia ruled on Monday that the conviction and 13-year sentence for Epaminondas Korkoneas, the police special guard who killed 15-year-old protester Alexandros Grigoropoulos in 2008, should be upheld. The Lamia Court of Appeals unanimously found Korkoneas guilty of...

Alexandros Iolas: The Rise and Tragic Fall of Greece’s Greatest Art Collector

The story of Alexandros Iolas, Greece's greatest art collector, reads, appropriately, like a Greek tragedy.

Police Arrest Greek Shipowner Alexandros Agoudimos for Unpaid Taxes

Greek shipowner Alexandros Agoudimos was detained on Thursday evening after officers discovered he had been convicted of tax-related crime. The shipowner was apprehended following a random check by the Greek police's DIAS motorcycle unit on Akti Posidonos in Piraeus. Police booked...

Instagramers Highlight Beauty of Greece's Andros (photos)

Instagram enthusiasts descended to Greece's Andros in a joint effort to highlight the beauty of this island situated only two hours away from Athens. The amateur photographers participating in the Greek Instagramers Events ( tried to capture the elegant architecture of...

Alexandros Diakos (1907 – 1940): The First Greek Casualty in WWII

A lot of history is being revoked during and around the Oct.28 "OXI Day" celebrations in Greece. After all, it was one of the most heroic eras of the country's history. Today we focus on the first Greek casualty of...

Shipowner Alexandros Goulandris Passes Away

Shipowner Alexandros Goulandris took his last breath in his home next to his children and grandchildren on Thursday morning shortly before dawn. In 1957 Alexandros' father, Nikolaos Goulandris, passed away leaving his business to his sons Yannis, twins Alexandros and...