Naomi Campbell and Demis Roussos to appear on Russian New Year’s show


Supermodel Naomi Campbell has flirted with novel writing and pop singing, but in her unlikeliest career move yet, she will appear Thursday on Russian state television to wish viewers a Happy New Year.
The British model, who has a Russian boyfriend, will appear as a guest on a New Year’s light entertainment variety show on Channel One television, a spokeswoman for the channel told AFP.
The all-night show, a fixture of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Russia which last year attracted more than a third of viewers in the country, runs around a speech by President Dmitry Medvedev and the chimes of the Kremlin clocktower.
In the show’s trailer, Campbell stumbles over a simple question: Asked in Russian whether this is her first New Year’s in Russia, she answers in English, “No, this is, yes, no, sorry,” before bursting into laughter.
A spokeswoman for the channel, Svetlana Doronina, would not reveal whether Campbell will speak Russian on the show.
Campbell is shown in a silver sequinned dress, seated next to her boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, a businessman involved in real estate.
Their relationship was first reported in summer 2008, when British newspapers published photographs of the couple canoodling on a yacht.
The other international guests will include French actor Alain Delon and Greek pop star Demis Roussos, both of whom are popular in Russia.
Campbell has made appearances at charity events in Russia but has generally kept a low profile while visiting the country.
She has previously attempted to move away from modelling by publishing a novel, “Black Swan,” in 1994 and releasing a pop album a year later, both of which were poorly received by critics.
(source: AFP)

Overkill: Greek Enzo Prototype For Sale


Our friends at Teamspeed spotted a brand new prototype of the Ferrari Enzo. Developed and handmade by a Greek designer Papanagnou Dimitris, the ‘Italian supercar’ uses high quality materials such as carbon fiber, aluminium and iron titanoum alloyed tubes. Yeah you read it correctly!
The technical characteristics of the vehicle include a four-wheel drive system, automatic-serial gearbox, advanced brakes and suspension system. A 3.7cc 300ps V8 engine from Audi is stage number 1. A second stage of 550ps at 5.000rpm and a third stage of 900ps at 10.000rpm are available upon request.
The vehicle size measures 4,800 x 2,144 x 1,240m. The wheel set used sizes 9″x19″ front and 13″x19″ in the back including Pirelli tires 255/35 ZR19 front and 335/25 ZR19 rear.
Mr Papanagnou Dimitris states the following about the current status of his project:
«The car is nearly ready in a progress rate of 97% and it is ready to test. Doors and seats are nearly ready to be installed. The seats are handmade also (not these at photos, there is a choice of RECARO carbon seats in lower price). A remaining time of work is estimated around 5 to 6 weeks. You can choose the colour of the car (in photos there is no colour). More information could be granted through someone of your representatives that will investigate and test the car.»
Price? A whooping US $800,000.00. Mr Papanagnou, please keep on dreaming 😉
For more information just visit Ebay!
(source: gt spirit)

"Greeks" of Wall Street still Trusted


A major American investment firm holds in its portfolio Greek shipping companies that are listed in NYSE.

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, which oversees 7.7 bil. dolars, is still interested in Greek shipping despite the crisis.

The firm has holdings in Aggeliki Fragou΄s Navios Maritime Partners, Evaggelos Marinakis΄ Capital Product Partners and Symeon Palios΄ Diana Shipping.

Kayne Anderson said recently it increased its stake in Navios Partners.

(press release)

2009 Greek Heritage Essay Contest Winners


The leading American Satellite Television broadcasting company DirecTV in conjunction with marketing company IOUniversal Media and MEGA Cosmos, ALPHA Sat, ALTER Globe and GMTV held the 1st Annual Greek Heritage Essay Contest in the USA in order to award Educational Scholarships totaling $18,000.

The Scholarships will be used to assist the recipients with their Greek Language Program Tuition.

The contestants were students grades 4th through 7th. The Scholarships were awarded on the basis of 25% Creativity/ Uniqueness, 25% Cultural Insight to the Greek American Culture/Community, 25% Grammar/Style, 25% Overall Presentation. The candidates composed a 750 word essay with the theme: “Greek Children growing up in America: How can TV bring us closer to our homeland”

The winners are:

P. Patapis of Scarsdale, NY
V. Martine of Zionsville, NJ
E. Kakadiaris of Bellaire, TX
N. Naselaris of Rochester, NY &
S. Logothetis of Woodcliff Lake, NJ

On behalf of IOUniversal Media and MEGA Cosmos, ALPHA Sat, ALTER Globe and GMTV, we congratulate them for this achievement and wish them the very best for a successful career in their lives ahead.
We want to thank DirecTV for their support and instrumental role in making this Contest a success.

(press release)

Turkey demands St Nicholas’s bones back


Turkish newspaper Hürriyet is reporting that Ankara wants Italy to return the bones of St Nicolas.
The remains of the third century Bishop of Myra, popularly known as St Nicholas, are now in the Basilica of di San Nicola in the South Italian port of Bari. According to the paper, Turkish Culture Minister Ertugrul Günay wants to re-inter the bones in Demre.
Many miracles have been attributed to the Bishop of Myra and he was known as Nicholas the Wonderworker. He was also said to give charity in secret and would leave coins in shoes left out for him. This provided the model for the Dutch Sinterklaas, which later became the model for Santa Claus.
He was born in the Greek colony of Patara in Asia Minor in 270 CE; he was of Greek extraction and was very religious from an early age. He died in 346 CE.
In 1071, the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire loss of the Battle of Manikert and the invading Seljuk Turks temporarily took control over most of Asia Minor. In 1087, the saint’s relics were stolen and transported to Bari.
A Turkish archaeologist is claiming that St Nicholas said he did not want to be buried in Italy and because the saint lived and died in Turkey, he should be buried in Turkey. Ankara said it will pursue the matter delicately and a time frame has not been set for the return of the saint’s bones.

“Aristotle” psychological centre inaugurated in New York


A new psychological centre that bears the name of the great ancient Greek philosopher and father of psychology, Aristotle, was inaugurated a few days ago in Astoria. Located in a 5-storey building in the heart of Astoria (31-09 37th Street, Astoria, NY 11103, Tel: 718-721-4300) and staffed with experienced personnel, it offers psychological counselling and support for all ages, ranging from small children to adults.
The founder and director of the Aristotle facility is Dr. Vaya Delidimitropoulou, a graduate of clinical/criminal psychology, with over 25 years of experience in the field and specialising in therapy for children, teenagers, aduts and couples who are facing various problems
(source: voice of greece)

Greece denies spying reports


Diplomatic sources in Athens yesterday dismissed reports in Turkey that a Greek spy masquerading as a diplomat at the Consulate General in Izmir returned to Greece after the arrest of three Turks for allegedly passing on information.
Sources denied that any spy had been working at the Greek Consulate General and said that a diplomat from there had returned to Athens a few days ago but did so for the Christmas holidays not because he was about to be declared persona non grata, as the Hurriyet daily reported.
The newspaper said that three Turkish nationals were arrested in Izmir and Bodrum following an almost yearlong surveillance operation, during which they met with the alleged spy to sell military information.
The Zaman daily reported the three suspects confessed to having acquired images and videos of military exercises, military vehicles and their license plates, military installation plans and naval vessels, which they then sent to Greece.

Revelations in Turkey by former high-ranking official: «We had reached a solution for Halki»


“Agreement” between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and Ankara over the issue of the Halki Seminary existed in 2000, according to the man who met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in May that year to negotiate the matter.
“Batholomew had agreed and was pleased”, said Kemal Giouruz, who then held the position of president of the Turkish Council for Higher Education.
Giouruz had been authorised in 2000 by the then Turkish president, Suleiman Demirel. The meeting between the two men took place at a centrally located hotel in Ankara and concluded, said the former high-ranking official, with a solution for the Greek Orthodox theological school at Halki.
(source: voice of greece)

Historic day for Holy Cross in Whitestone


Parishioners of the Holy Cross Church in Whitestone, Queens attended the opening of the community’s new church on Sunday, December 13 th . The inauguration was performed by the Archbishop of America, Demetrios, who had symbolically laid the church’s foundations on the feast day of the Holy Cross in September 2006.
The opening was attended by members of the clergy, the Consul Generals of Greece and Cyprus, state senator, Michael Giannaris.
(source: voice of greece)

Greek ANT1 TV buys Serbian Fox


Greek Antenna, better known as ANT1 TV, will become the new owner of Belgrade Fox television starting January, a Belgrade tabloid is reporting.
ANT1 TV owner Minos Kyriakou bought Fox for one dollar and took on all potential debts of the company, Blic writes.
The daily also states that the long negotiations ended several days ago for the sale of Fox, and that the deal will be announced in January.
According to unofficial information, the station ownership changed hands as Fox boss Rupert Murdoch decided to sell all of his Southeast Europe outlets.
With this move, Murdoch wants to pull all so-called land frequencies in the region and invest solely in cable-satellite systems such as Sky, which has 18 million subscribers in the UK, five million in Italy, and about eight million in Germany and Austria.
Murdoch and Kyriakou are good friends and were able to reach an agreement quickly on the sale of Serbia’s Fox, say newspaper reports today.
Blic writes that Greek Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou was involved in the negotiations and that Kyriakou also met with Serbian President Boris Tadić, who gave guarantees that Fox would not have problems in receiving a license from the State Broadcasting Agency.
The agency is expected to hold a meeting today to discuss the issue, and ANT1 TV has already submitted an official demand for taking over Fox already, Blic writes.
Tadić’s cabinet, however, today stated that the president did meet with Kyriakou, but that there was no agreement for changing the ownership structure of Fox in the meeting.
“The president does not deal with changes in the ownership structure of the media, nor was this the topic of the talks with Mr. Kyriakou. The two talked about energy issues,” Jasmina Stojanov, who is responsible for media relations within the president’s cabinet, told tabloid Alo.