«The origins of El Greco» in New York


A special exhibition featuring exceptional works Domenikos Theotokopoulos, the prominent Cretan-born painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance who is better known as El Greco (The Greek), opened in New York at the Onassis Cultural Center on Tuesday.
The exhibition “The origins of El Greco – The art of icon painting in Venetian Crete” will run until Feb 27, 2010 and includes 47 works, among them, 6 rare icons, made by the artist. The formal inauguration will be made by Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Geroulanos and Archbishop of Crete Erineos on December 8.
The icons on display come from the Municipal Museum of Heraklion, Crete, the Metropolis of Syros, the Benaki Museum, the National Gallery of Greece and the Queen’s University, Kingston, in Ontario, Canada.
Eleven exquisite icons from the Collection of Ecclesiastical Art of Saint Catherine of the Sinaites in Heraklion, Crete, will be at the core of the exhibition.
According to Curator of the Byzantine Collection at the Benaki Museum and exhibition curator Dr. Anastasia Drandaki, “The icon painters in the workshops on Crete in the 15th and 16th centuries were renowned for their skill in painting impeccable panels not only in the traditional Byzantine manner but also in a style inspired by Western models.”
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Greek-Canadian Becomes X-Factor Star in Greece


Eleni Alexandris, a Greek-Canadian from Toronto is one of the most popular participants of X-Factor, Greece’s largest talent show. Eleni has won over the judges who talk about “the show’s greatest discovery until now”, but she has also created a large following in Greece and Canada. The X-Factor is on every Friday night on ANT1 TV and you can watch it in Canada via Satellite.

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El Justiciero by Greek – Venezuelan Filmmaker Efterpi Charalambidis Submitted for Oscars


Libertador Morales, El Justiciero by Greek/Venezuelan filmmaker Efterpi Charalambidis has been chosen as the Venezuelan submission to the Oscars 2010 in the Best Foreign Language Film category. It was chosen by the Venezuelan committee for the Oscars as the most faithful exposure of Venezuelan idiosyncrasy.

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Overwhelming victory by Greek-Austrian in Greens Party election


Greek-Austrian Maria Vasilakou – the head of the Greens Party parliamentary group in the local parliament of the federal state of Vienna – was elected by an overwhelming 98.65% as party leader for the Vienna local and municipal elections in October 2010. Some 1,500 party members attended yesterday’s meeting, and another 450 “party supporters” also voted.
In a speech after her election, the ethnic Greek politician slammed the Greens’ political rivals, the Social Democrats and the conservative People’s Party, as well as the other two smaller opposition parties.
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Protest letters about education problems faced by Greek children in Germany


Problems relating to the premises housing the Greek Elementary School in Wuppertal are adding to the problems facing the education of Greek children in Northern Rhine Westphalia and those created by the unfortunate purchase of a building in Dusseldorf with the aim of accommodating the Greek elementary school in that city. During a lesson on August 25 in the second grade of the Greek Elementary School in Wuppertal, the overhead light and pieces of the ceiling fell in the classroom.
A few days later, on September 9, a 3-member team from the School Buildings Organisation came from Athens to check the damage and to decide whether the building was habitable. The examination showed that – at the very least – the premises presented many serious problems. Letters have been written on the issue to bring the matter to the attention of the Greek Education ministry.
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Our very own Northern Territory Minister


The Hon Kon Vatskalis MLA, is not just a Minister. He is the Northern Territory Minister for Business and Employment, Minister for Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources , Minister for Tourism.

Costas Vatskalis was born on the island of Kefallonia in 1957 but he lived in and was educated in Athens until 1983, when he decided to immigrate to Australia with his Australian wife. He studied public health in Perth and, following his first wife’s death in 1988, he remarried and moved to Port Hedland and then Darwin.

Since coming to Australia, Mr Vatskalis has been passionately involved in politics. A Labour candidate in Perth, in Darwin he established the greek-speaking department of the Labour party. For years he worked for the benefit of the greek society, he taught greek, and had a greek radio show. As a Darwin MP, he assisted in creating a greek department at tertiary level.

In 2001, he was a candidate for Casuarina and won the seat from the Liberals, who had held it for 27 years. His percentage in the elections was 55% back then, 68,5% in 2005 and 64% in 2008.

He could have hardly imagined that from the suburb of Ilioupolis in Athens, he would end up a Member of Parliament and within a week’s time from his election, be voted in a Minister !

As the Tourism Minister, Mr Vatskalis speaks with pride concerning the natural beauties of his state. “A tourist will never find the same beauties and starking contrasts as he will in the Northern Territory. There are tropical forests, red sand deserts, huge national parks, wonderful beaches, wetlands and unique animal and plant species. There is everything and nowhere in the world can one see as many stars in the sky with a naked eye.”

He also says that his state is inhabited by 101 different nationalities who speak 120 different languages, which all create a uniquely multicultural society. Darwin has around 7,500 greeks which consist about 10%of the total population of the city, most of which are from the island of Kalymnos. The first greek settlers arrived in 1876 and have offered a lot towards the development of the state.

Mr Vatskalis is the longest standing NT minister, and is determined to remain in politics as long as his voters –many of whom are Aboriginals- continue to trust in him. “The key to success”, he says, “is to be down-to-earth, to pay attention to people’s needs, to be disciplined, to be fair and honest and to consider oneself as the servant of the people.”

Source: omogenia.ana-mpa.gr

John Stamos Finally Gets His Star


John Stamos has always been a star for his fans around the country, but now he officially became one as the 2,393rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor is best known for his role as “Uncle Jesse” on Full House. Stamos celebrates over 25 years in the entertainment business as an actor, musician and Broadway star. He is currently starring on Broadway as “Albert Peterson”, the role made famous by Dick Van Dyke, in Bye Bye Birdie. Stamos’ star is located right next to Dick Van Dyke’s star at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard.

Speakers at the star unveiling ceremony were Garry Marshall, producer of TV sitcoms like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley; Bob Saget, Stamos’ co-star on Full House; and Jack Klugman, star of TV’s The Odd Couple.

John’s mother and sisters also attended the event as he dedicated the star to his father who died in 2001. Right after the event he wrote on his twitter page “my father said to me: a man has few great moments in his life-you have given me many- today is for you dad-and it even has your name on it!”.

John Stamos, will appear on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tomorrow between 12:05AM-1:05AM on channel 7 and “The View” on Thursday, November 19th between 11:00AM – 12:00PM on channel 7.

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Turkish Cypriot Committee Awards Damages to Greek Cypriots


A Turkish Cypriot committee has awarded damages of 54 milion Turkish lira (almost 25 million euros), to be paid from Turkey’s budget, to two Greek Cypriots for property they were forced to abandon in northern Cyprus during the 1974 Turkish invasion. According to reports in the Turkish media, the ruling sets a precedent for similar claims by many Greek Cypriots who have in the past viewed the Turkish Cypriot “property committee” with suspicion or who have doubted its legal status.

John Aniston hosts premiere screening of Greek American documentary, The Promise of Tomorrow


Watch the Interview with Director Anna Giannotis and Director of Photography Philip Georgious

On November 12, the premiere of the new documentary, The Promise of Tomorrow, 1940-1960, was held at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. John Aniston, longtime actor on daytime’s Days of Our Lives and father of Jennifer Aniston, hosted the screening of the documentary which highlights first and second generation Greek-Americans in Southern California and their quest fo find balance in maintaining their Greek heritage while living as Americans in the United States.
The Promise of Tomorrow, 1940-1960, is the second film in a trilogy which aims to illustrate the Greek American experience in the U.S. Narrated by Olympia Dukakis, this film covers the World War II generation featuring interviews with Greek-Americans who served in the US military as well as prominent Greek Americans in entertainment and politics including head of Fox Filmed Entertainment, Jim Gianopulos, former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, and actors Michael Constantine, Rita Wilson, John Aniston, Melina Kanakaredes and Debbie Matenopoulos.

While introducing the film, John Aniston talked about how his father and uncle shortened their family last name from Anastassakis to Aniston when they first emigrated to the U.S. from Greece. A last name that was easy to pronounce seemed to help immigrants blend in more to American society. Rita Wilson’s father got the idea for their new last name from the street sign near their house. In the film, Rita discusses her connection to the St. Sophia Greek church in Los Angeles, which she and her husband, Tom Hanks, are longtime members.

Directed and written by Anna Giannotis, The Promise of Tomorrow is a document of the American immigrant experience, which many other ethnic groups can no doubt relate to. Just like the 2002 comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, resonated with Americans of all backgrounds, The Promise of Tomorrow, not only serves as a historical document to educate future generations of Greek Americans, but also shows the common struggles and growth that immigrants in the U.S. experience.

2009 Panhellenic Games to be held in Melbourne


The Pan Hellenic Games aims to see about 600 budding sporting champions of Greek descent from all over Australia and New Zealand compete against each other for the three-day event in Melbourne from November 27-29. The athletes will test their sporting talents in an exciting range of events from basketball to judo, soccer, swimming, tae kwon do, tennis, track and field, water polo and wrestling, for the ultimate prize of securing a place in the World Pan Hellenic Games in Greece.

SAE Oceania and Far East coordinator George Angelopoulos said Greeks from all eight Australian states and territories were looking forward to seeing the games hosted in Melbourne.

Mr Angelopoulos named Dimitri Kanellakos as Games co-ordinator, Emanuel Starakis as event manager as well as the all States and NZ 55-member organising committee responsible for putting the games together.

The Games are the brainchild of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) and is sponsored by the Greek government, with the aim of uniting Hellenes the world over through cultural and sporting events.

Registrations for the three -day games have now closed.

For more info: (02) 9558 3744 or www.saeocenia.org.au

Source: www.saeoceania.org.au