Galaktoboureko: Greek Milk Pie Recipe

Here’s a traditional recipe for the Greek dessert galaktoboureko, aka Greek milk pie.


  • SUGAR 2lb/900gr
  • WATER 14fl oz/400ml
  • HONEY 1tbsp

Boil for 3 minutes and let cool down.

For the custard

  • MILK 28fl oz/800ml
  • CREAM 7fl oz/200ml
  • SEMOLINA 3.5oz/100gr
  • VANILLA ¼ tsp

Stir for 1 minute

  • EGGS 4
  • BUTTER 2oz/60gr
  • SUGAR 8oz/230gr

Stir until it gets thickened

Make the galaktoboureko pieces

Get a baking pan and spread melted butter

  • take the 1st Pphyllo and spread melted butter allover
  • take a 2nd Phyllo sheet and spread melted butter allover

Add 2 tbsp of the custard on top of the phyllo sheets with the butter.

Wrap and spread melted butter on the edges. Once you place in the pan spread melted butter on top of the pieces.


  • Bake at preheated oven 338°F/170°C for 1/2 hour.
  • Add syrop and let it be absorbed for a few minutes.
  • Add Cinnamon (optional)


Combine with an authentic Nescaffe Frappe: