Golden Globes and Oscars Sponshorship


Greek Reporter, as the only Greek news organization with a crew in Hollywood, CA, will be one more time the only Greek media outlet on the red carpet of the Oscars and the Golden Globes. We want to offer the opportunity to a company to sponsor our coverage of the Awards and help us bring Greece one more time closer to the Hollywood stars. Note that this is some of our most valued content; given it is unique and original since we are the only Greek media accredited on the ground, or better on the red carpet. This is an one of a kind opportunity to associate your brand with Hollywood’s biggest stars and events, and also create some of your most valuable branded content!

Benefits of Greek Reporter’s Golden Globes Exclusive Sponsorship package

  • Your logo and “a brought to you by” in the beginning of every video, permanently.
  • A shout out from the reporter on the red carpet when there is a video intro
  • Link back to your youtube channel or your own ads/videos on youtube from each video produced
  • Your 680×100 permanent banner on all Greek Reporter’s articles on the Golden Globes with a link to your e-shop/website
  • Permission to use our content on your own media channels.
  • Note that once you sponsor this content your ad benefits do not expire; in other words your ads will stay with the specific video(s) without any time limitation and your brand will be present every time the content is consumed. Also this content gets reproduced constantly by Greek media online who link to it or embed it on their websites and TV shows.

See examples of our video coverage below:







Thank you for your consideration and we are looking forward to work with you!!!