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Can We Hack the Brain? Doubts Over Elon Musk’s Grand Project

By Andrew Jackson, Professor of Neural Interfaces, Newcastle University If thoughts, feelings and other mental activities are nothing more than electrochemical signals flowing around a...

The Discovery that Links Ancient Greece with the IT Revolution

By Dr. Constantine Passaris Ancient Greece has endowed humanity with many significant accomplishments of human endeavour. Indeed, it has created a monumental footprint and an...

The Many Perils of Mining the Seas

  By Elizabeth De Santo, Elizabeth Mendenhall and Elizabeth Nyman Mining the ocean floor for submerged minerals is a little-known, experimental industry. But soon it will...

Calamos Expresses Cautious Optimism in New Economic Outlook Analysis

Over recent months, Calamos Investments has expressed cautious optimism for a V-shaped economic recovery, and an expectation that the downturn would be severe but short-lived.

Kalamata Native Finds her Calling in Greek Radio and TV in Toronto

By Sean Mathews Irene Anargyou is usually the one asking the questions. Since 2018 the Kalamata native has co-hosted Agape Greek Radio’s "Doralicious" FM and...