Hollywood Stars Wish Happy Birthday to 98-Year-Old Betty White


Betty White

Actress, comedienne, and woman with one of the longest running entertainment careers in Hollywood, Betty White, turned 98 years old on January 17.

On social media, Hollywood stars could not wait to show their love and support for the Greek-American actress on her birthday. Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, who White co-starred with in 2009’s “The Proposal”, started a joking competition to see who was White’s favorite.

Bullock starts by singing White the classic Happy Birthday song, then changes the lyrics to “from Sandy, who loves you more than Ryan”.

Reynolds then one-ups Bullock, saying, “What does Sandy do for you every year? Does she, like, show up and hand deliver flowers to you wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bracelets just like you requested? Doubt it.”

It’s clear the 98 year old actress is extremely well loved and cherished, even in a cutthroat industry like Hollywood.

Though most people at that age would be well into retirement by now, White continues to work frequently. Most recently, she voiced Bitey White in 2019’s “Toy Story 4”, and also recently appeared on “Fireside Chat with Esther”.

Check out the Instagram post from Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock below:

Greece Advances to Quarter Finals of European Water Polo Championship

The Greek water polo national team on Monday went through to the quarterfinals of the European championship held in Hungary after coming from behind to defeat Romania 14-7.
Romania took a surprise 5-4 lead at halftime.
Head coach Theodoros Vlachos made order in the middle break, a different team came back to the pool and they also made order – within 46 seconds they turned the game and by the end of the third they decided it as well with a 6-0 rush in this period.
They won the second half 10-2 and will meet European and World bronze medalist Croatia in the quarters.

WP2020 – DAY9 – Romania 7-14 Greece

#wp2020budapest #waterpolo 🤽♂️⚠️ 34th LEN European Water Polo Championship-Budapest 2020📅 DAY 9 – MEN – RESULTS🇷🇴 Romania 7 🆚 14 Greece 🇬🇷📝 Results 📝 https://bit.ly/3a3V1aH34th LEN European Water Polo Championship – Budapest 2020 Federatia Romana de Polo KOE News

Posted by LEN on Monday, 20 January 2020

President Trump’s Impeachment Trial Begins


For only the third time in history, an American president is facing an impeachment trial, with hearings in the Senate set to start on Tuesday. Such a trial could, in theory, lead to President Donald Trump being removed from office.

He is facing two articles of impeachment, or charges.

Firstly, he is accused of seeking help from the government of Ukraine to help himself get re-elected this November. He is alleged to have temporarily held back millions of dollars of military aid to Ukraine and dangled a proposed White House meeting with Ukraine’s president, both as bargaining chips.

In exchange, witnesses say he wanted Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden, the man who is leading the Democratic race to challenge him in the election, and whose son was an executive in a Ukraine gas company. Polls suggest Biden would beat him if chosen as the Democratic candidate.

Secondly, after the White House refused to allow staff to testify at the first impeachment hearings last year, Democrats accused Trump of obstructing Congress (the part of the US government that writes and votes on laws, and which was investigating him).

President Trump has denied any wrongdoing and his legal team say the “flimsy” charges are a “dangerous perversion of the Constitution”.


After the four days of opening statements – two days per side – senators will be allowed up to 16 hours for questions to the prosecution and defense, followed by four hours of debate. Only then will there be votes on calling other witnesses.

In the rare event that senators agree to call witnesses, the rules propose that any witness must be deposed and the Senate would then decide which ones, if any, would testify in public.

At the end of deliberations, the Senate would then vote on each article of impeachment.

Meet the Woman Who Builds Bridges Between Greece and Catalonia

Nafsika Tomara is trying to strengthen business and cultural ties between Greece and Catalonia

By Ola Goroveci

Nafsika Tomara, a Greek woman originally from Athens, has been living in Barcelona, Spain for the last twenty years. Three years ago, she created an agency called “Agora – Grecat,” or “The Greek Marketplace,” aiming to connect Greece and Catalonia in the realms of business and culture.

Her agency offers diverse services, ranging from business information for those who want to invest in Greece or Spain and legal advice for Greeks who come to live or study in Barcelona.

In addition, it even offers translation and interpretation services and language classes in Spanish, Catalan and Greek.

Speaking to Greek Reporter, Tomara expressed her wish to do more for young people and create a business bridge between the peoples of Greece and Spain.

“When I started this project, I got in touch with the Council and Greek Embassy in Spain and everything was all right. But after the political issue between the province of Catalonia and Spain, it made us face some problems because almost nobody wanted to cooperate in a heated political situation,” Tomara explains.

Despite successfully collaborating with a few individuals who show great trust in her, people who have studied business and very much want to give their help to this project, Tomara’s new agency is facing a shortage in funding.

The entrepreneur said that her main goal now is to attract the attention of Greek and Spanish/Catalan authorities and sponsors, because they feel they have so very much to contribute in this vital arena.

“We want to let them know that we are doing a good job and are working hard to create this cooperative bridge between Greece and Catalonia,” Tomara explains.

Young Greek people face a range of problems when they move to Barcelona due to a lack of information about the culture, or knowledge of the language.

One of the major goals of Agora – Grecat is to help them overcome these issues, and to provide legal advice to them as well, but her project also focuses on other individuals who want to collaborate for future business and cultural promotion in both countries.

A main objective of Agora – Grecat is to show the great business opportunities available to internationals in case some of them are interested in investing in Greece.

Tamara says that her agency wants to prove that Greece has not only recovered from the decade-old financial the crisis but it is a beautiful nation as well and has so very much to offer those who would like to invest there and work together.

“Greece has a lot of features that can be positioned at the same level as Spain. We can project another beautiful Greek image to the Spaniards,” the entrepreneur explains.

“Northern Greece is almost completely unknown, and this is another mission that we as Agora – Grecat have, the cultural and touristic promotion of this forgotten region. Both nations can exchange or learn something if they keep an open mind,” Tomara adds.

Spain is a much-loved country by the Greeks, since they share some common cultural features. If we delve into history, we learn that ancient Greeks founded the first city in Catalonia, named Emporion (Ἐμπόριον) or Ampurias in Spanish, meaning “a trading place.”

The great city of Barcelona itself was founded in 575 BC by Greek colonists from Phocaea.

Right now, according to the most recent statistics, there are approximately 4,000 Greek citizens living in Spain and at least 2,000 of them live in the region of Catalonia.

New Guidelines May Force the British Museum to Return the Parthenon Marbles

New hopes emerged last week that the Parthenon Marbles could eventually be returned to their rightful home after the British authorities ordered the country’s museums to assess their collections with a new “decolonizing” checklist to ease the repatriation of cultural treasures.

The Arts Council, the supreme body championing and developing art and culture across Britain, has called on experts to draw up new guidelines to address sacred and significant objects like the Parthenon Marbles, which have long provoked pleas for repatriation from Greece after being seized in the age of empire.

An Arts Council spokeswoman said: “The aim of the guidance is to encourage a more proactive and coordinated approach across the UK museum sector by providing museums with a practical resource to support them in engaging with and responding to all aspects of restitution and repatriation.”

The idea follows the promise made by French president Emmanuel Macron to repatriate colonial objects.

Foreseeing ever-increasing demands for repatriation in future, the Arts Council has offered a £42,000 contract to experts who can draw up guidance on decolonization.

The contract states: “There is significant government, public and press interest and increasing calls for action by UK museums and sector bodies to address this agenda.”

It is understood that planned guidance will work as a checklist to handle claims, from how to deal with publicity and activist agitation, to possible repatriation.

An Easter Island Moai looming in the British Museum, an Aboriginal shield, and Ethiopian sacred tablets are among the many artefacts acquired amid imperial expansion which have been demanded back by their ancestral owners.

The Parthenon Sculptures: A Story of Cultural Theft

Bring them back! Full story: https://bit.ly/2DDq8Me

Posted by Greek Reporter on Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Erdogan Claims Crete and Greek Islands Aren't on Continental Shelf

Turkish President Erdogan. File photo

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again made remarks regarding his country’s illegal deal signed with the Tripoli-based Libyan government on what they consider their mutual maritime borders.
The statements were made on his Presidential aircraft after the Turkish leader returned from the German capital on Monday, following the Berlin Conference on Libya.
“Our coastline faces Libya’s coastline,” the Turkish President declared in his characteristically blunt manner.
“That’s what made this deal possible; and of course we have the longest coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean and that gives us other abilities,” the Turkish leader stated. His inflammatory remarks completely disregard the criteria set by international conventions regarding maritime zone delimitation issues.
“They (the Greeks) are talking about a continental shelf around Crete,” Erdogan intoned in his usual pompous manner, adding provocatively that “there is no continental shelf around the islands, there is not even such a thing!”
The Turkish premier’s statements evinced a complete disregard of the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea — which explicitly states the exact opposite.
”There are only territorial waters (around the islands),” Erdogan added.
The Turkish leader continued his personal attacks against Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, following yesterday’s remarks concerning him.
”Why did Mitsotakis invite Haftar to Greece? Did he want to provoke us?” President Erdogan asked rhetorically.
In his characteristically blunt manner, he went on to call the Greek Premier’s decision ”nonsense.”
“A leader told me that Prime Minister Mitsotakis wants to bridge the gap between us. How can he really want that, when he invites Haftar to Greece? This is nonsense!” the Turkish President said.
”I replied that he (Mitsotakis) should first correct his mistake and then it will be easier for us to meet,” Erdogan added.
Following these latest remarks, it is clear that Turkey is showing signs of anger over the latest diplomatic moves by Athens, ratcheting up tensions in the broader region even further.

Thessaloniki Among Handful of European Cities to Enforce Innovative CO2 Reduction Plan

Greece’s second-largest city of Thessaloniki announced on Monday that it will be among at least five European cities which will participate in the EU’s ”2050 Climate-friendly Mobility in Cities” project.
The aim of this ambitious environmental program is to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the cities’ urban transport systems and to create environmental and climate-friendly urban mobility all around the EU.
According to the municipality of Thessaloniki, the four other participants are the cities of Bydgoszcz in Poland, Leipzig in Germany, Almería in Spain and Plymouth in the United Kingdom.
The 2050 Climate Mobility City project helps policymakers identify, plan and implement transportation policies which support their long-term climate objectives.
The “2050 CliMobCity” part of the project will check if the measures set out by the authorities ensure and promote the efficient use of land in urban planning, and lead to the desired reduction of CO2, through the use of appropriate software.
These city councils will take on the task of promoting environmentally-friendly means of transport, including the benefits of walking and cycling, as well as introducing electric vehicles and/or other climate-friendly ways in which people can go about the tasks of daily living.
The project, which is co-funded by the ”Interreg Europe” Regional Cooperation program of the European Union, has a duration of four years. The total budget for the project is €1,332,046.
With information from AMNA

Cyprus Denounces Turkey as a Pirate State Over Illegal Drilling

Cyprus called Turkey a ”pirate state” on Sunday after Ankara announced that the Turkish research vessel ”Yavuz” will soon conduct a new series of hydrocarbon research and drillings south of the island.
The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Turkey Hami Aksoy announced that the Turkish vessel arrived at the broader area south of Cyprus, where it will conduct its third attempt to drill in an area that’s already licensed to energy companies Eni of Italy and Total of France.
This would be Turkey’s fourth such drilling effort since last July when it dispatched a pair or warship-escorted drill ships to the island’s west and east. It would also mark the second time a Turkish ship was drilling in a block licensed to Eni and Total.
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus condemned Turkey’s newly planned illegal drilling within the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf of the country.
In a statement issued Sunday, the Presidency of the Republic pointed out that Turkey provocatively ignores the repeated calls by the international community and the European Union, to terminate its illegal activities in Cyprus’ EEZ.
”It is now attempting to carry out new illegal drilling in the southern EEZ/continental shelf of Cyprus, inside exploration block 8, which was duly licensed to the European companies ENI and TOTAL; this new attempted drilling constitutes yet another flagrant violation of the sovereign rights and jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea,” the Cypriot Presidency noted.
Greece’s foreign ministry said in a statement Sunday that Turkey’s latest action comes on top of numerous violations of international law in the wider region that aim “to serve expansionist aspirations.”
The ministry said in a statement that such breaches of international law won’t be made legal no matter how many times they’re repeated.

Greece Condemns Fascist Attack Against Journalist in Athens

The Greek government has condemned what it termed the “fascist attack” against a German journalist during an extreme-right demonstration in Athens on Saturday.
Thomas Jacobi, an Athens correspondent of the French newspaper Croix and the German television channel Deutsche Welle was injured by extremist thugs who were demonstrating against the presence of migrants in Greece.
Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said “[The government] condemns in the strongest possible terms the fascist attack on journalist Thomas Jacobi at Syntagma Square. The freedom of the press and the protection of those exercising it is the duty of every democratic state. The government’s stance on forces of violence and extremism who fight (against) the freedom of expression, pluralism and democracy is relentless.”
Petsas added that the authorities were already investigating the incident to find those responsible for the violent attack and bring them to justice.
According to the Foreign Press Association of Greece, this is the second such attack committed against Jacobi by representatives of radical circles. Members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn attacked Jacobi in January of last year in Athens, along with a cameraman and a photojournalist.
Jacobi, who stated that he would file a complaint, was involved in making a documentary about the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which aired in 2016.
He believes he was attacked because he was recognized as one of the film’s creators. “They hit me for four minutes until the cops came. Nobody intervened,” Jacobi told interviewers.

Riveting Documentary on Greek Genocide to Be Shown Near Chicago


The Asia Minor and Pontos Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC) in Illinois will hold a private theater screening of the powerful documentary “Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of the Greeks 1913-1923.”

Produced by OnAirr Productions, the moving, and oftentimes disturbing, film will be shown at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, Illinois on January 30, 2020.

The riveting documentary features firsthand accounts from survivors who witnessed horrific atrocities during the forced expulsion of the ethnic Greeks from Pontos, Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace by the Ottoman Turks.

The film chronicles the systematic and brutal destruction of Greek communities which had flourished in these areas for more than three thousand years. It took the Ottoman Turks less than ten years to utterly destroy them, completely wiping Greek culture from the map in these ancient places.

Noted scholars and academics from around the world have recognized this ethnic cleansing as the first genocide of the twentieth century.

More information about this important documentary showing may be found by clicking here.