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Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt: What Are the Differences?

Greek yogurt has taken over the shelves of the Western world's supermarkets, where you will perhaps find more varieties of the super-strained Greek product...

The Turkish Businessman Who Made Americans Fall in Love With Greek Yogurt

The CEO of Greek yogurt company Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, has popularized Greek yogurt for the next generation of consumers. Chobani has transformed one of Greece's...

Greek Yogurt Consumption Drives Growth of Multi-Billion-Dollar Yogurt Market

High demand for Greek yogurt is driving the growth of the international yogurt market, a recent industry report by Technavio has revealed. Based on the...

Why Greek Yogurt Is Considered the Best in the World

There has been an astronomic rise in the demand for Greek yogurt outside of its home country due to its taste and health benefits.

Greek Health Minister Plevris Attacked with Yogurts

Greek Health Minister Thanos Plevris on Sunday sought medical help at hospital emergencies after being attacked by unknown individuals.

Three Tasty Greek Yogurt Recipes to Try at Home

Treats made from Greek yogurt can add an interesting and tasty dimension. Once hard to come by outside of Greece, the country’s famed yogurt is now...

Greek Yogurt Pancakes: Favorite Breakfast Gets Healthy Makeover

Fluffy pancakes can switch high sugar - high cholesterol toppings such as butter, bacon or maple syrup for Greek style yogurt as a more balanced nutritious alternative.

President of FAGE, Who Brought Greek Yogurt to the World, Dead At 82

The president of the iconic Greek yogurt company FAGE, Kyriakos Filippou, passed away on Monday evening. Filippou was a visionary who helped propel FAGE...

Greece Wins Legal Battle Against Popular Japanese Yogurt Claiming to Be ”Greek”

Greece won a battle in Japan recently against a large company that produces yogurt under the name ''The Greek Yogurt.'' Greece, in order to avoid...

Greek Yogurt Exports to Australia Face Serious Obstacles

Greek exports of yogurt products to Australia in the 2010-2018 period were extremely limited after Greece was included, in 2015 on the list of...