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This Greek Brewed a Tzatziki Beer in Australia!

A bar in Melbourne tapped on the dozens of thousands of Greek Australians who joined the festivities at Lonsdale Street earlier in February by...

Tzatziki, Kozanian Noodles and Salep Aspire to Conquer the European Restaurants

Tyrokafteri, tzatziki, high quality olives and olive oil, noodles from Kozani, mountain tea and salep are the popular Greek delicacies that aspire to conquer...

The Ancient Roots of Greek Souvlaki, the World’s First Fast Food

Many would think that souvlaki is a type of street food originating from the many years of Ottoman rule in Greece, but this is not true.

How to Spot Fake Versions of Greek Traditional Products

Greek food has won the hearts of millions of people, and traditional cuisine occupies the top places in world rankings. Such a widespread love...

Battle of the Grandmas: Greek Yiayia vs Italian Nonna

Italians and Greeks have a lot in common culturally with some twists and if you happen to be a mixture of Greek and Italian...

The Influence of Alexander the Great on Indian and World Cuisine

Customs, flavors and rituals linking food to the sacred and divine had an enormous upheaval during the time of Alexander the Great.

Greek Yogurt Consumption Drives Growth of Multi-Billion-Dollar Yogurt Market

High demand for Greek yogurt is driving the growth of the international yogurt market, a recent industry report by Technavio has revealed. Based on the...

Alexander the Great Campaigns Influenced Egyptian, World Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the ancient world as a result of the Greek conqueror's military campaigns, including Egypt.

Why Greek Yogurt Is Considered the Best in the World

There has been an astronomic rise in the demand for Greek yogurt outside of its home country due to its taste and health benefits.

Gyros, a Favorite Fast Food Choice in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of Greek food. However, one...