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Top Greek Destinations as Voted by UK Travelers

The office of the Greek National Tourism Organisation in London launched its first Greek Travel Awards to highlight top Greek destinations. 

Winter in Greece: A Traveler’s Guide to Visiting in the Cooler Months

Greece is known for its beautiful summers, but travel in the country is beautiful no matter the season -- you just need to know where to go!

Travelers Name Greece Top Pick in Europe for Its Beaches

Greece has been named the most popular destination in Europe for beach-passionate travelers this year, according to the 2022 Best Beaches Index published by...

Could Humans Hibernate for Space Travel?

Can man survive the time needed for space travel? A Greek scientist may have the answer looking at early humans who had the ability for prolonged hibernation

Greece Travel Αrrivals Reach One Million Per Week In August

Greece will be welcoming one million travelers every week this period of summer, Tourism Minister Kikilias told an interview with AMNA.

Electric Aircraft to Revolutionize Travel and Protect Ecosystem in Greece

Electric aircraft to be acquired by Aria Hotels, one of the hospitality subsidiaries of the Libra Group, will offer a new traveling experience in...

Novels On Greece Let You Travel Without Leaving Your Chair

Reading authors who have written novels on Greece can send you on an adventure, without worry of tickets, time or Covid-19. If you CAN'T visit this summer, Greek Reporter has honed in on ten authors who make it easy to travel to Greece, to live the adventure, without leaving your chair.

Thousands of Flight Cancelations May Affect Greece Travelers

In recent days, there have been continuous cancelations of flights in and out of the USA and Europe as the peak summer vacation season...

US Drops Covid Testing Requirement for International Travelers

The US will drop its COVID-19 testing requirement for international travelers entering the country on midnight Sunday. International travelers entering the US will no longer...

Delta Offers More Travel Options Between the US and Greek Islands

Delta Air Lines and Greek carrier Sky Express have announced an agreement to offer flight connections for customers between the US and the Greek...