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The Stunning Ancient Greek Temple of Aphaea on Aegina Island

The ancient Greek Temple of Aphaea on the Greek island of Aegina is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the country. The goddess...

Lost Temple of Poseidon Unearthed in Southern Greece

Ancient ruins unearthed in Ileia, Greece, have been identified by archaeologists as the lost temple of Poseidon described by Strabo.

The Ancient Greek Sanctuaries and Temples of Olympia

The sanctuaries and temples of ancient Olympia are some of the oldest and most important in all of Ancient Greece. Forming the backdrop to...

Temple of Solomon Artifacts Discovered in Israel

For the first time, ivories from the time of the First Temple of Solomon have been uncovered in Israel. Archeologists from Tel Aviv University and...

10 Ancient Greek Temples You Must See

Many important ancient temples are located in Greece and other countries, such as Italy, which were then part of the ancient Greek empire.

Gate to Temple of Zeus Unearthed in Magnesia, Asia Minor

The ancient Greek city of Magnesia in Asia Minor, now part of Turkey's Aydin province, was home to a spectacular stadium, temples, and other...

Why Many Churches were Built on Top of Ancient Greek Temples

Surprisingly, many Christian churches were built on sites where ancient Greek temples once stood, and many temples were once used as churches at some...

Did Ancient Greeks Build their Temples Where Earthquakes Struck?

The Ancient Greeks may have built temples and other sacred or treasured sites deliberately on land previously affected by earthquakes.

Fly Over the Magical Ancient Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

A spectacular drone video showcasing the Temple of Poseidon captures the glory of the ancient monument situated on Cape Sounio.

Long Lost Temple of Artemis in Evia, Greece Reveals More Secrets

A long-lost temple dedicated to the Goddess Artemis that was finally discovered in Evia, Greece after 100 years of archaeological research is revealing more...