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New Study of Indo-European Languages Origin Reconciles Two Dominant Hypotheses

The languages in the Indo-European family are spoken by almost half of the world’s population. This group includes a huge number of languages, ranging...

Native Americans Originate From Siberia and Central Asia, DNA Study Shows

The Native American DNA (Haplogroup Q) is found to originate from Central Siberia and Central Asia, a study shows

Bleach Does Not Kill Common Superbug, Study Finds

In a recent study conducted by the University of Plymouth, it has been revealed that a common disinfectant, bleach, often used in hospitals to...

Greeks Are Descendants of the Mycenaeans, DNA Study Confirms

DNA evidence suggests that living Greeks are indeed descendants of the ancient Mycenaeans, who ruled Greece from 1,600 BC to 1,200 BC.

Elephants Give Each Other Names, New Study Claims

In a recent report, scientists revealed African savannah elephants have a unique way of getting each other's attention. Specifically, they have elephant names in...

Each Nostril Smells the World Uniquely, Study Reveals

New research by three top universities in the U.S. has uncovered an interesting fact about our brains. Our two nostrils, despite being right next to...

Asteroid Mining Could Be the Key to Sustainable Growth, New Study Claims

A new study on asteroid mining has considered the potential and obstacles involved in taking this concept from a small-scale practice to a booming...

Study Reveals Scariest Horror Movies in History

A recent scientific study focusing on the horror movie genre has shed light on the scariest films ever produced. With the help of advanced...

Mediterranean Diet Invented by Ancient Greeks, Study Reveals

Ancient Greek doctors invented the renowned Mediterranean diet, as Hippocratic physicians prescribed healthy diets and used rich flavors in food in order to treat...

Ancient Philistines Were Likely of Greek Origin, DNA Study Shows

Philistines were very likely of Greek origin, as a new DNA study traces the origins of the ancient villains in the Eastern Mediterranean