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Ottoman Empire: Five Things You Need to Know

For centuries, empires were the dominant form of political organization. In the West, there is some degree of familiarity with the British, French, and...

Thessaloniki Marks Anniversary of Liberation From Ottomans

It was October 26, 1912 when freedom bells rang in Thessaloniki, as the Greek army liberated the city from Ottoman rule. The city was...

How the Greek Language Was Preserved by Orthodox Martyrs During Ottoman Rule

The Greek language survived almost 400 years of Ottoman rule due to the Greek Orthodox Church, which protected and taught the language.

How Climate Change Weakened the Ottoman Empire

At its peak, the Ottoman Empire spanned three continents, controlling a vast part of Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The Heroic Battle of Gravia: When 120 Greeks Defeated the Ottoman Army

On May 8, 1821, a defining battle in the Greek War of Independence took place at Gravia, a village in the northeastern part of Phocis.

The Chios Massacre: The Worst Atrocity Committed by the Ottomans

The Chios massacre of 1822 was perhaps the worst atrocity carried out by the Ottomans against Greeks during the Greek War of Independence.

Kalavryta: The First Greek Town Liberated From the Ottomans

On March 21, 1821 the Greek rebels started the siege of Kalavryta, making it the first Greek town that was liberated from the Ottomans, thus declaring the start of the Greek War of Independence.

The Mt. Athos Academy that Preserved Greek Identity Under the Ottomans

The historic Athonite or Athonias Academy at Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain of Orthodoxy, was instrumental in promoting Christianity and the Greek identity during...

Greek Assyrians Search for Justice a Century After Ottoman Pogrom

The Greek Assyrian minority in northern Iraq was driven from the oil-rich area of Mosul in the 1910s after a pogrom launched by the Ottomans

Notorious Ottoman Pirate Barbarossa Was Half Greek

The notorious pirate, Barbarossa, who eventually went on to be an Admiral in the Ottoman Navy, was surprisingly half Greek. The pirate was extremely successful,...