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The Greek Orthodox Monastery Thriving in Catholic Italy

A Greek Orthodox monastery, founded more than one thousand years ago is thriving just south of Rome, Italy in the epicenter of Catholicism. 

Melting Glacier Shifts Swiss-Italy Border

As a result of a melting glacier in the Alps, the border between Italy and Switzerland has shifted, putting the location of an Italian...

Looted Antiquities Returned to Italy; Ancient Greek Frescos Included

Over 140 stolen antiquities valued at nearly $14 million have been returned to Italy, including three frescos from an ancient Greek city located in southern...

The Mystery of the Riace Bronzes, Ancient Greek Statues Found in Italy

The mystery over the Riace Bronzes, two magnificent ancient Greek statues, remains almost half a century after the day they were recovered off the...

Italy Set to Permanently Return Fragment of Parthenon to Greece

Italy intends to return the "Fagan fragment," a piece of sculpture from the Parthenon, to Greece permanently, according to a statement released by the...

Calabrian Greeks: Pocket of Hellenism in Italy has Survived Millennia

There exists today a tiny enclave of Calabrian Greeks, Greek-speaking people in Reggio Calabria that seem to have survived millennia.

$700 Million Superyacht Linked to Putin Seized by Italy

A giant superyacht linked to Vladimir Putin was seized by Italian authorities on Friday after they recommended it be impounded as part of sanctions...

The Breathtaking Ancient Greek Ruins Found in Italy

When you think about Italy and ruins, your mind's eye automatically brings up scenes of the Roman Forum. However, Italy is home to countless ruins which are in actuality Greek.

Greek President Visits Greek-Speaking Villages in Southern Italy

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou visited a number of Greek-speaking villages in Southern Italy this weekend. Sakellaropoulou visited villages in Salento, Italy, where the Greek dialect...

Experts Unearth Spectacular Street Food Shop in Pompeii, Italy

A fascinating discovery of a spectacular street food shop was made by archaeologists recently in Pompeii, southern Italy, a find which provides a peek...