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Ypsilanti: The City in Michigan Named after Hero of Greek War of Independence

Ypsilanti is a city in Michigan named after Demetrios Ypsilantis, a hero in the Greek War of Independence, showing the universal meaning of the...

How the Greek War of Independence Inspired Philhellenes Around the World

The Greek War of Independence erupted into the the early nineteenth century as Europe was being shaken to its roots by riots in many nations.

Greek War of Independence Began in the Mountain Stronghold of Mani

Mani was the place where the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule actually started and not in Kalavryta on March 25th, 1821 - as is often believed.

Filiki Eteria: The Group That Sparked the Greek War of Independence

The Filiki Eteria (Φιλική Εταιρία), or the Society of Friends, as it was otherwise known, was founded on September 14, 1814 and played a...

Shipwreck From the War of Independence Discovered Off Greece

A shipwreck believed to be connected to the Greek War of Independence in 1821-1829 was discovered off the coast of Halkidiki, northern Greece. In its...

Alexandros Ypsilantis: The Greek Hero Who Sparked the War of Independence

Before the breakout of the War of Independence, Alexandros Ypsilantis decided that the first blow against the Ottomans should be outside Greece

Battle of Navarino: A Milestone in the Greek War of Independence

The Battle of Navarino, one of the most important battles in Greece’s War of Independence, took place 194 years ago today, on October 20,...

Cyprus Marks Independence Day With Military Parade

Cyprus marks October 1st, Independence Day, with a traditional military parade in Nicosia. It has been sicty-two years since the republic was established after...

The Liberation of Tripolitsa in the Greek War of Independence

The siege of Tripolitsa, Greece (today's city of Tripolis) was a pivotal moment in the Greek War of Independence, and it remains a point...

Biden Marks Ukraine Independence Day with $3 Billion Military Package

U.S. President Joe Biden extended a $3 billion package to Ukraine in military aid to mark its Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday. Since Russia's invasion...