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Horta: The Benefits of Greece’s Magical Greens

Everyone who has a friend or relative from Greece, has heard of the word ''horta.'' Literally translating into English as the humble ''weed,'

Tourism in Greece Hit by Staff Shortages

Tourism in Greece for summer 2022 is threatened by staff shortages and spiraling energy costs, officials have warned. Tourism is Greece's key industry providing a...

Sony’s Playstation 5 in Short Supply Due to Chip Shortage

Sony’s Playstation 5 is far and away the most sought after next-generation gaming console on the market, but the flipside to the system’s desirability...

New Automated Tractors May Save Agriculture in Time of Labor Shortages

John Deere's new automated tractors, which are controlled remotely, will further revolutionize agriculture by removing the human element at a time when the labor...

Chip Shortage to Force Apple to Cut iPhone 13 Production

Apple announced on Wednesday that they may have to cut production of the new iPhone 13 short due to chip shortages. The company was projected...

Britain on Immigration Policy U-Turn to Tackle Worker Shortage

Britain will issue up to 10,500 temporary work visas to lorry drivers and poultry workers to ease chronic staff shortages, the government announced Saturday,...

Water Shortages On Greek Islands Plaguing Summer Season

  Greek island water shortages and stoppages are plaguing the nation this summer. Promoted for its beautiful seawater surrounding all the Greek isles and its...

Unrest Growing in Cuba Over Food Shortages, Astronomical Prices

Unrest is growing on the island nation of Cuba after more than a year of pandemic-related shortages has led to food shortages and high prices.

The Food Artist Whose Viral Recipe Caused Shortage of Greek Feta Cheese

The Finnish food artist behind the mouthwatering baked feta pasta recipe that has gone viral on social media worldwide.

Greece Opens Borders to Albanians Due to Seasonal Worker Shortage

Greece and Albania signed an agreement on Friday paving the way for thousands of Albanian citizens to work in Greece's agriculture sector, despite the...