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Lousios Gorge: A Hike in Arcadia, Greece

Lousios Gorge has been inhabited for centuries in Greece, mainly by hermits and monks who lived in caves. Two monasteries located near the gorge...

Vikos Gorge: The Greek Grand Canyon

The Vikos Gorge is known as the "Greek Grand Canyon" because of its dizzying cliffs and stunning heights.

Crete’s Ghost Village of Aradena Hangs on the Edge of a Gorge

Aradena is an abandoned village in the region of Sfakia on the island of Crete sitting at the edge of a gorge.

Samaria Gorge: Hiking on the Island of Crete

Hiking jaw-dropping Samaria gorge is extremely popular, and it is easy to see why as it takes visitors through a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Gorge Of Richtis: A Lush Hiking Destination in Eastern Crete

The Richtis Gorge in eastern Crete may not be as well known as the Samaria Gorge, but it is a lush paradise. It's a very special place.

Aradena: Crete's Ghost-Town Hanging on the Edge of a Gorge

Aradena is an abandoned settlement in the region of Sfakia on the island of Crete, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, despite being...

Stunning Photo of Comet Streaking Through Sky Over Greek Gorge

Constantine Emmanouilidi, a photographer based in Thessaloniki, traveled to Vikos Gorge in Epirus, northwest Greece, to capture this stunning photo of the comet Neowise...

More Than 130,000 Travelers Explore Crete's Samaria Gorge Every Year

Samaria Gorge, on the Greek island of Crete, is one of the main reasons why foreign visitors choose Crete as a holiday destination, according...

Greek Police Find Bodies of Missing Mother and Daughter in Gorge

The bodies of a 45-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter who had gone missing on November 8 were found on Sunday in a remote...

25-Year Old Police Officer Found Dead in Greece's Zagori Gorge

A 25-year old police officer was found dead on Saturday morning in northwestern Greece's Zagori Gorge in the area of Astraka. The unfortunate man was...