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Scientists Decode DNA of Greek Feta Cheese

According to the Academy of Athens, scientists have recently decoded the DNA of the famous Greek Feta cheese. Scientists from the Biomedical Research Foundation of...

Feisty Feta French Fries: A Staple Dish With A Greek Twist

Feisty feta french fries is an easy-to-make dish you can enjoy as a standalone fingerfood meal, a snack or as a side to almost any dish.

Denmark Loses Court Case Over “Feta”

The Court of Justice of the European Union decided on Thursday that Denmark violated EU law by allowing Danish companies to sell cheese called...

There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

Cheese is an important part of Greek cuisine, and each region of the country has its own special version of the dairy product. While...

The Ancient Greek Roots of Feta, The Oldest Cheese in Recorded History

Feta is the soft white “king” of Greek cheeses, renowned around the world. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times as the...

EU Court Likely to Rule Against Denmark in Feta Cheese Case

An advisor of the top European court announced that Denmark violated European Union law in a dispute with Greece over feta cheese on Thursday. Advocate...

Feta vs. Halloumi: Battle of the Greek Cheeses

Halloumi and Feta may just be the most iconic food products from their respective countries of origin, Cyprus and Greece.

Greek Cheese that Ranks Among Europe’s Tastiest Isn’t Feta

While Greece may be most famous for its most symbolic cheese, feta, there are many other very tasty Greek cheeses that rival the iconic...

The Food Artist Whose Viral Recipe Caused Shortage of Greek Feta Cheese

The Finnish food artist behind the mouthwatering baked feta pasta recipe that has gone viral on social media worldwide.

There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

The first known mention of cheese in ancient Greece was in the epic poem the "Odyssey," when Homer describes the cheese in the Cyclops' cave.