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Scarabs, Phalluses, Evil Eyes: Ancient Amulets and Disease

Believed to possess magical qualities, ancient amulets were once widely used. They range from amber pendants worn during Denmark’s Mesolithic age to evil eyes...

Fifth-Century AD Evil Eye From Israel Shows Talisman Popular There

Officials from the Israeli Antiquities Authority recently displayed a 5th-century Evil Eye that served as a talisman against evil.

Cure the Evil Eye With a Ksematiasma App on Your Phone!

A superstition shared by all Greeks is the evil eye, or “mati.” It is believed that someone can cast the evil eye onto another...

Greek Expat Eyes Success with New Jewelry Business

Most people run a mile at any mention of the evil eye, but one enterprising Greek emigre in Australia has taken the folklore tale...

The Customs and Traditions of a Typical Greek Wedding, Explained

Greek weddings are festive events with many traditions stemming from both the Greek Orthodox church and from cultural superstitions.

Friday the 13th and Greek Superstitions

Although Greeks already feared Tuesday the 13th as a day marred by misfortune, the Anglo-Saxon culture that has heavily influenced the country through movies,...

A CIA Officer’s Daughter Remembers the 1967 Greek Coup

By Leslie Absher Just prior to the 1967 Greek coup, fifty-five years ago, I arrived in Athens with my mother and CIA father. He was...

Hilarious Ancient Greek Beliefs and Traditions

Greeks are known to be philosophers and innovators. However, there is another side to the Greeks: the side where traditional beliefs, many of which...

Growing Up Greek-American: 15 Things We All Experienced in Childhood

Growing up Greek-American you are privy to a unique childhood, filled with some pretty strange customs (strange to those who are not Greek, anyway).

Ten Greek Souvenirs to Take Home from Athens, Greece

Many -- or let's face it, all -- people who visit Greece want to take home a little piece of this spectacular country with...