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Stonehenge-Like Structure Discovered in Oman Desert

Archaeologists from the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) have made a fascinating discovery in Oman's deserts. They have found ancient structures that resemble England's...

4,500-Year-Old Sumerian Palace Discovered in Iraq Desert

Since 2015, a team of British Museum-affiliated archaeologists has been excavating the site formerly known as Tello, where the ancient city of Girsu once...

Ancient ‘Ghost Footprints’ Discovered in Utah Desert

Archaeologists recently discovered a set of mysterious ‘ghost footprints’ in the salt flats of the Utah desert that became visible after it rained. The...

Greek Island of Skyros Boasts Near-Deserted Beaches and Wild Ponies

Skyros, the southernmost of the Sporades, is not among the better-known Greek islands, but it has a devoted following which comes back year after...

Saudi Arabia Unveils a $1 Trillion 75-Mile-Long Desert Skyscraper

Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a 75-mile-long skyscraper called the Mirror Line that will stretch across its desert, housing up to five million...

Desert Monks: The Orthodox Brotherhood of Saint Anthony in Arizona

In 1995, six Orthodox monks left Mount Athos in Greece and came to the US to start Saint Anthony Orthodox Monastery in the Arizona desert.

Snow Falls in the Sahara Desert

Snow in the Sahara Desert might sound impossible, but it's true! The exceptionally rare weather event, which has only happened in the North African...

Lemnos: Home to Greece’s Unique Desert

People who have not visited the beautiful Greek island of Lemnos may consider it a  moonscape due to its arid terrain.

Biblical Scroll Fragments Discovered in Judean Desert “Rescue Op”

Astounding discoveries of Bible scroll fragments in Israel that were unearthed before looters could find them were shown to the public.

Greece's Little-Known Desert Captured on Drone Video

An arid piece of land in the north-western Peloponnese has been dubbed the "Greek Desert" for its sand dunes and relative lack of vegetation. Located...