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“Chania: A Journey Through the Countryside” Wins Awards

There are many ways to advertise the beauty and culture of Greece. We just need a bit of patience and imagination! Proof of that...

Poor Greeks Flock to the Countryside to Become Farmers

Many newly poor people in Greece are turning to agriculture and Greek nature in search of a better life. More prospects and more hope...

Unique Stone Bridges Bring Character to Greek Countryside

The stone bridges found throughout the Greek countryside[...]

Greek Countryside Stone Bridges Remain an Asset

The stone bridges found throughout the Greek countryside are[...]

Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea: A Touch of the Caribbean in Greece

Located in the Ionian sea, Lefkada is a stunning island, even by Greek standards. It connects to the mainland by a small bridge and...

Top 7 Christmas Destinations in Greece

Greece has amazing destinations for Christmas. Although it is globally known for its warm, sunny summers, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, the country...

Ten Reasons to Take a Winter Trip to Greece

Winter in Greece can be magical! Although Greece is most often thought of as a summer travel destination, the country is incredibly beautiful during...

Ancient Gymnasium Unearthed in Oasis Shows Impact of Greek Life in Egypt

In 2017, when the ruins of an ancient Greek gymnasium were discovered in an oasis of a desert in Egypt, archaeologists said that it...

The Oldest Theater in the World Lies Abandoned in Greece

Thorikos, north of the ancient mining town of Lavrio, is an an archaeological site where the oldest known theater in existence still stands.

Ancient Greek Anthesteria Festival Celebrated at Art Exhibition

Greek god Dionysos is honored in Anthesteria, an art exhibition inspired by the three-day festival celebrating nature and wine in ancient Athens