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Sheep Help Archaeologists Preserve Ancient Ruins at Pompeii

A herd of sheep is helping archaeologists preserve ancient ruins at Pompeii. This Roman city was buried in ash and pumice following the catastrophic...

Archaeologists May Have Found Egypt’s Most Ancient Mummy

Archaeologists in Egypt may have found the oldest mummified body ever discovered in the country. Archaeologist Zahi Hawass, who served as Egypt's previous minister of...

Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Ancient Greek Game Made of Bones

An Ancient Greek divination game from around 2,300 years ago, known as 'astragaloi' (meaning 'ankles') and made from bones, has been discovered by archeologists...

Archaeologists Uncover Trove of Mummies, Ancient Artifacts in Egypt

Archaeologists near Cairo, Egypt recently uncovered a treasure trove filled with 250 mummies and countless ancient artifacts dating to around 500 BC. The stunning finds,...

Have Archaeologists Discovered the Temple of Hercules?

Researchers in Spain believe that they have found the Temple of Hercules, long-lost, in the remains of a series of buildings in Andalusia

Israeli Archaeologists Discover Only Known Crusader Encampment

Archaeologists in Israel have found the remnants of what is the only Crusader encampment that has been discovered in the Middle East. The site is...

Archaeologists Claim They’ve Discovered the Trojan Horse in Turkey: Debunked

Turkish archaeologists claim they have found what they believe are pieces of the Trojan Horse. According to a report by, Turkish archaeologists excavating the site of the historical city of Troy on the hills of Hisarlik have unearthed a large wooden structure.

Archaeologists Find New Treasures at the Temple of Artemis in Evia

Archaeologists have discovered new findings in the Temple of Artemis, which is located east of Amarynthos in Evia, central Greece.

Archaeologists Using New Techniques to Get North American History Right

The American Indigenous History and their colonization by Europeans represents one of the most significant global events related to archeology, culture and human history.

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Ruins of Monastery, Greek Inscriptions in Egypt

Archaeologists uncovered the ruins of an ancient Christian settlement dating to the fourth and fifth centuries AD in Egypt's Western Desert.