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Lavender, a Greek Treasure since Ancient Times

Lavender, one of the most popular herbs in the world, has been highly valued since ancient Greek times. Moreover, it was the ancient Greeks...

The Naming Customs of Greece, From Ancient Times to Today

Although you may know a fair bit about Greek naming customs today, there are name traditions which go all the way back to Ancient Greece

Earthquakes that Devastated Asia Minor in the Ancient Times

The recent earthquake tragedy to strike Turkey was not the first of its kind. Even in ancient times, the territory now known as Turkey...

New Year’s Eve in Ancient Times

New Year's Eve was celebrated in ancient times and ancient Greece, contrary to what some may believe. Celebrating the advent of the New Year on...

Greek Funeral Customs, From Ancient Times to Today

The funeral and burial customs of the ancient Greeks, and even the Greeks of today, are and were so very different to those in...

How Much Have the Olympic Games Really Changed Since Ancient Times?

The Olympic Games of the modern era were founded in 1894 when Pierre Freddy, Baron de Coubertín decided to promote an international agreement through a sports competition.

The Fig — An Iconic Greek Fruit Since Ancient Times

Figs, an iconic Greek fruit, belong to the category of the most nutritious foods and they have at least nine recognized medicinal qualities.

Interactive Display at Chicago’s National Hellenic Museum Explores Olympics of Ancient Times to Current Day Rio

There is a new interactive digital display at the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago that unveils the history of the Olympic Games from their...

Ancient Greek ‘Birds’ Earn New York Times Acclaim

The adaptation of the original Aristophanes play Birds presented by Brooklyn's St. Ann’s Warehouse and Onassis Cultural Centre has won the acclaim of the...

Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks Receives Athens/Livanos Award, Employs Ancient Hellenic Values in Modern Times

Last week at the 32nd Cyprus and Hellenic Leadership Conference (PSEKA Conference), Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks and her father Van Vlahakis (posthumously) were honorees and received...