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Ancient Greek Mathematical Formula Reveals Cutest Dog Breeds

An ancient Greek formula, known as the Golden Ratio, that was used to identify "physical perfection" was recently adopted by pet experts to identify...

How Versace Brought Ancient Greek Mythology Into Fashion

Ancient Greece has always captivated the minds of fashion designers, but Versace is the one brand that has so many clear connections to ancient...

Scientists Decode Golden Ratio of Ancient Greek Riace Bronze Statues

One of the famous ancient Greek Riace Bronzes was found to have had its teeth designed following the mathematical value of the golden ratio.

Why Was the Ancient Greek City of Hadrianopolis Suddenly Abandoned?

Archaeologists believe they will soon solve the mystery regarding the ancient Greek city of Hadrianopolis, located in the Eskipazar district of the Black Sea...

Celebrate Spring With Ancient Greek Tradition of Martis Bracelets

Spring is (almost) in the air in Greece, and Greeks will soon begin preparations to welcome the new season by celebrating an ancient annual...

The Magical World of Wit and Wisdom of Ancient Greek Comedy

In the rich history of ancient Greek culture, comedy shines as a vibrant example of literature and theater that deeply shaped the world of...

Archestratus: The Ancient Greek Gourmand on the Secrets of Gastronomy

Archestratus, an ancient Greek poet and philosopher in the mid 4th century BCE from Sicily, is often referred to as the Father of Gastronomy.

The Ancient Greek Tribe of Aetolians That Defeated Alexander’s Army

The Aetolians were an ancient Greek tribe of hardened hillmen that managed to defeat the mighty army of Alexander the Great

What Did India Learn From the Ancient Greeks?

The interaction of the two great ancient civilizations of Greece and India began with the invasion of Alexander the Great in 326 BC.

How Homer’s Epics Survived After the Fall of the Ancient Greek World

Homer's Iliad and Odyssey were the two epics that brought the ideas of Greek civilization to the world and served as the foundation of...