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The Oracle of Delphi’s Advice That Shaped Ancient Greece

Some oracles actually shaped life in Ancient Greece

Did the Amazons Really Exist in Ancient Greece?

The fierce, fearsome, war-loving female warriors known as Amazons existed in ancient Greece, according to American historian Adrienne Mayor. The Stanford University historian's book The...

Pythagorean Cup From Ancient Greece Pranks Greedy Drinkers

The Pythagorean Cup, an invention of the ancient Greeks, shows that their heads weren't in the intellectual clouds all the time. They were down-to-earth...

Kissing in Ancient Greece: A Greeting and Sign of Respect

In ancient Greece, kissing was not considered strictly romantic or intimate; rather, kissing was a often a greeting between acquaintances.

Ancient Greece and Africa Share Long History

Africans and Ancient Greeks had long, rich history together often reflected in the depiction of Africa in Ancient Greek art. The first contact between...

This is the Oldest Known Cycladic Sculpture of Ancient Greece

The Fat Lady of Saliagos (also known as The Naked Lady of Saliagos) is the oldest known Cycladic sculpture. It is a marble figure from...

Would You Be Considered Beautiful in Ancient Greece?

Who, exactly, was considered beautiful in ancient Greece? Were their beauty standards much different from our own?

‘Greek Philosopher’ App: Wisdom from Ancient Greece at Your Fingertips

The "Greek Philosopher" app gathers more than six hundred of the most profound words of wisdom from the major schools of ancient Greece and...

Influence of Ancient Greece on American Founding Fathers

In the path of the United States of America to nationhood, the influence of Ancient Greece and its philosophers looms large. The Founding Fathers,...

Ancient Greece’s Antidote to War Was Theater and Sports

  Contrary to war, theater was a place of light and allowed Greeks to face each other and learn of their history together in the...