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Sacred Geometry in Ancient Greece

Sacred geometry is a concept developed in ancient times grounded on the idea that the world is created based on a consistent geometrical pattern

Priestesses Among Few Women With Status and Power in Ancient Greece

Life for women in most city states of Ancient Greece, was very difficult but ancient Greek priestesses had powers that gave them high status.

What Witches From Ancient Greece Tell Us About Modern Witchcraft

From ancient Greece through Puritan New England, witches functioned as easy targets for cultural anxieties about gender, power, and mortality. By Joel Christensen Living on the...

Advertising in Ancient Greece

Advertising and marketing flourished in ancient Greece and Rome. Although they lacked the sophistication of modern advertising campaigns, there were certainly efforts to draw...

The Story of the Real Marathon Run in Ancient Greece

The Athens Marathon the Authentic was established to commemorate the historic run of Pheidippides, an Athenian soldier who ran from the battlefield at Marathon...

Silver in Ancient Greece Unlocked Trade and Built Democracy

The minting of silver into coins in ancient Greece highlighted the trading talents of Greeks and paved the way for the formation of democracies...

The Sunken Cities of Ancient Greece

In addition to the many magnificent historical monuments in Greece, the country has several unique sunken cities and archaeological sites. These submerged sites aren't mere...

The Lion’s Den: When Big Cats Roamed the Land in Ancient Greece

Greek scientists believe that a cave near Vravrona, about 40 km (25 miles) east of Athens, was a hideout for lions and panthers which...

Insurance in Ancient Greece: A Pioneer in Mitigating Risks

The history of Insurance goes back to ancient Greece as people at the time employed insurance-like practices in certain domains, predominantly within maritime contracts. Although...

Sophist Teachers and the Art of Rhetoric in Ancient Greece

The sophists were intellectuals who travelled around Greece as professional educators on a variety of subjects with emphasis in public speaking and the good conduct of life