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Venezuela’s New Sparta, A Gem of the Caribbean

Located off the northeast Caribbean coast of Venezuela is a state with the surprising name of "Nueva Esparta," or "New Sparta."

Greeks of Venezuela Protest Closure of Caracas Embassy

Greeks in Venezuela have condemned the decision by Greece to close its embassy in Caracas after 43 years of continuous operation. In a letter addressed...

Greek-Venezuelan Millionaire Jameel Thermiotis Marries Princess Iman Οf Jordan

Princess Iman of Jordan married Greek-Venezuelan Millionaire Dimitrios (Jameel or Jimmy) Thermiotis on Sunday.

Greek-Venezuelan Millionaire To Marry Princess of Jordan

Greek-Venezuelan millionaire Jameel (Jimmy) Alexander Thermiotis will marry Princess Iman of Jordan this coming weekend, the Palace in Amman announced on Sunday. Queen Rania revealed...

US Eases Oil Sanctions on Venezuela After Humanitarian Deal

The US government has reached an agreement with Venezuela to lift some of its sanctions against the Latin American country. The move will allow...

Colombia, Venezuela Reopen Border After Seven Years

The border between Colombia and Venezuela officially reopened this Monday. The two countries had closed their borders seven years ago. The symbolic act was attended...

Jordanian Princess Iman Engaged to Greek Venezuelan

Jordanian Princess Iman is engaged to Greek Venezuelan Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, according to an announcement by the Royal Hashemite Court on Wednesday. Princess Iman, 25,...

Turkey Plans to Lease Farmlands in Venezuela, Other Countries

In an effort to curb concerns over food security, Turkey plans to lease farmlands in various countries to boost agricultural production, it emerged this...

The Greeks of Venezuela in the Era of Maduro

Living in Venezuela today is not easy. The country, once the richest in Latin America, but today is undergoing a great crisis, the largest...

Greece Seizes Venezuela Assets Over Former Ambassador’s Sex Scandal

Greece has given the go-ahead for the confiscation of assets at the embassy of Venezuela to pay victims of sexual harassment.