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Vegans Protest Against Meat-eating in Athens As Greece Celebrates Tsiknopempti

Vegans demonstrated against meat-eating in central Athens on Thursday morning, a day that is celebrated in Greece as "Tsiknopempti". Today is the Thursday prior...

Greek Vegans Decide to Shock Displaying Severed Cow's Head

Greek vegans protested in Athens against the killing of animals for food, by displaying a bloodied severed head of a cow. The protest designed to...

Ancient Greek Historian Plutarch One of the First Vegetarians

Plutarch could be considered one of the first outspoken vegetarians in the West, as he believed that it is "immoral" to eat animal flesh.

Horta: The Benefits of Greece’s Magical Greens

Everyone who has a friend or relative from Greece, has heard of the word ''horta.'' Literally translating into English as the humble ''weed,'

Greece is Heaven for Vegetarians

Greece offers vegetarians a large variety of highly nutritional, tasty dishes to choose from. Using fresh ingredients, prepared with age-old recipes, Greek cuisine is...

Lion Burger, Tiger Steak From Lab-Grown Meat Hit the Market

A British company called Primeval Foods is pitching lab-grown meat, such as lion burgers, tiger steaks, and zebra sushi rolls to climate-conscious consumers. The company...

Vegan Diet Has Deep Roots in Traditional Greek Food

The vegan diet, which is a huge trend across the globe, has deep roots in traditional Greek food experts say.

Philip Nicozisis: Meet the Republican Who Wants to Make America Vegan Again

Greek-American Philip Nicozisis, a prominent Palm Beach entrepreneur and author, is a devoted Republican, an admirer of President Trump and also a vegan. To many...

Best-Selling Greek-American Author Writes About Globe-Trotting Year

Greek-American man Philip Nicozisis, a prominent Palm Beach entrepreneur, became a "digital nomad" during a year-long odyssey which took him to twelve cities on...

Vegan Campaign on Athens Metro Gets Mixed Reactions (photos)

Posters by a Greek vegan group that appeared in the Athens Metro during the last week caused mixed reactions by commuters. The posters, part of...