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Common Words in the Greek and Turkish Language

There are over three hundred Turkish words that are used daily in the Greek language. This is not surprising given the fact that Greeks...

Turkish Coast Guard Harasses Greek Patrol Boat

A Turkish coast guard vessel carried out dangerous maneuvers around a Greek patrol boat in Greek territorial waters near Leros island, the Shipping and...

Identifying the Remains of the Missing After the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Over 2,000 people in Cyprus were reported missing after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, when troops illegally invaded the island.

The Haunting Tragedy of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

The day of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, July 20, 1974, was the day time stopped for Cyprus.

US State Department Responds to Provocative Turkish Map

The US State Department released a statement affirming Greek sovereignty in response to a map that showed many Greek islands, including all of Crete,...

Turkish Map Shows Greek Islands, Crete Belonging to Turkey

Far-right nationalist Turkish politician and Erdogan ally Devlet Bahçeli released a map that indicates that the Greek islands in the Aegean and even Crete...

Elon Musk’s Constantinople Tweet Upsets Turkish Social Media Users

A tweet by Elon Musk on the fall of Constantinople has baffled social media users worldwide and has caused hundreds of predominantly negative reactions...

Kissinger Should Apologize to Greece and Cyprus “for Serving Turkish Imperialism”

Henry Kissinger should apologize to Greece and Cyprus for serving Turkish imperialism says Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)...

Turkish NBA Pro And Activist Steps On Erdogan Photo At Protest Event

NBA star and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom was photographed stepping on a portrait photo of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Fascinating History of Greek Loukoumia, or Turkish Delights

Greek loukoumia, or Turkish delights, hold an important place in the world of Greek sweets.