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Exhibition in Thesprotia Celebrates 50 Years of Asterix

Courageous and smart Asterix le Gaulois and his best friend Obelix with the magic powers are still fighting against Julius Caesar’s legions in the...

Fires in Thesprotia and Rethymno

The fire service is working hard to battle more outbreaks of fire in Thesprotia and Rethymno. In Filliates, in Thesprotia two outbreaks of fire are...

The Ancient Road That Connected Rome With Byzantium

The Via Egnatia was an ancient Roman road that stretched across an impressive distance between the Adriatic coast and Byzantium (modern day Istanbul) on...

Pyrrhus of Epirus, the Ancient Greek King who Fought the Romans

Pyrrhus of Epirus (319/318–272 BC) was an ancient Greek general and statesman, widely regarded by his contemporaries and modern historians alike as one of...

The Astonishing Story of the First Female Greek Immigrant to Australia

Ekaterini Plessou-Crummer, the first female Greek immigrant to Australia in the mid-1800s, has an incredible personal story that is filled with encounters with historical...

The Ancient Greek Sanctuary of Dodona

The ancient Greek sanctuary and theater of Dodona are part of a uniquely historic site in the country, home to the oldest oracle, which...

Paxos: The Greek Island of Serene Beauty in the Ionian Sea

Paxos, also called Paxoi and Antipaxoi, offers another side of Greek culture, full of art, history, and stunning landscapes.

Nikopolis: An Extraordinary Time Capsule of Roman-Era Greece

Greece plans to apply to UNESCO to have Nikopolis included on its list of World Heritage sites marking places of enormous historical importance to...

The Magic of Greek Dancing: The Greatest Traditional Dances

Thursday is International Dance Day and how better to celebrate than by discovering five of the most popular Greek dances! 

Free Concerts for the Full Moon at Monuments Across Greece

Archaeological sites across Greece will celebrate the August full moon with free concerts for the public on Friday.