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Pericles: The First Great Statesman of the Ancient World

Since Athens is considered the birthplace of democracy, Pericles must be the father of democracy.

Cyprus Suspends Real Estate Foreclosures

The Cyprus House of Representatives approved a controversial measure that prevents property foreclosures through October. The bill was passed over the objections of the finance...

Harsh Lessons from the Ancient Greek City-State of Sparta

The long and (mostly) illustrious history of the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta defines the word "legendary."

US State Department Responds to Provocative Turkish Map

The US State Department released a statement affirming Greek sovereignty in response to a map that showed many Greek islands, including all of Crete,...

Greek State TV Shows How to Steal Gas From Cars, Prompting Criticism

Greek state TV ran a news segment on Wednesday showing viewers how to steal gas from cars, prompting criticism at a time when the...

US State Department Reacts to Turkey’s Statements about Greece

The US State Department reacted with a strong message on Friday to the latest comments by Turkish President Erdogan about the Aegean islands. 

United States of the Ionian Islands: The History of British Rule in Greece

The formation of the United States of the Ionian Islands under British rule in Greece is a little known period of the country's history.

US State Department Responds to Turkish Violation of Greek Airspace

On Saturday, the US State Department responded to the Turkish violation of Greek airspace, which involved Turkish jets flying dangerously close to the Greek...

Bactria: The Ancient Greek State in Afghanistan

Bactria, a huge area in todays' Afghanistan, was the eastern edge of the ancient Greek empire, established by Alexander the Great.

Iklaina: The First City-State of Ancient Greece and Europe

The little-known site, Iklaina, on the Peloponnesian peninsula was a major center of Mycenaean culture; findings now indicate that it was the very first...