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Greek Man in Roman-Era London Used Amulet to Ward Off Plague

A Greek inhabitant of the Roman city of Londinium, lived through the Antonine plague by wearing a scroll with a Greek prayer in the form of rhyming hexameters.

Roman Port, Stunning Amphorae Discovered Under Sea Off Crete

Treasures from the Roman era of Greek history were discovered recently at the bottom of the sea on the Gulf of Paleokastro near the...

Insulting Graffiti Carved into Ancient Roman Wall Discovered in England

Ancient Roman graffiti found carved into a wall in England shows that even the ancients liked leaving insulting messages in public places. Found in the...

The Fascinating History of Romaniote Jews in Greece’s Ioannina

“The Romaniote Jewish Community of Ioannina: A Journey Through Time and Two Nations” was the subject of a fascinating webinar recently.

The Stunning Roman-Era Thessaloniki Mosaics

A stunning "Mosaic of Summer" is being displayed digitally by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, it was announced Saturday. 

How Ancient Greeks, Romans Controlled the Spread of Disease

Ancient Greeks and Romans got a surprising number of things right about how disease spreads and the importance of airflow for public health.

Lord Byron: The Romantic Poet Who Died for Greece

Lord Byron is one of the first and best-known philhellenes who actively participated in Greece’s War of Independence.

The Romantic Greek Island of Eros is a Wedding Destination

The tiny, uninhabited Greek island of Eros has become an international wedding destination. The tiny islet, aptly named Eros, which refers both to "love" and...

Nikopolis: An Extraordinary Time Capsule of Roman-Era Greece

Greece plans to apply to UNESCO to have Nikopolis included on its list of World Heritage sites marking places of enormous historical importance to...

Ukrainian Refugees Flee Country for Poland, Romania After Russian Invasion

  Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion have begun to trickle into Poland and Rmania, with dozens of people arriving at the normally placid Medyka...