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Does ‘Fagan Fragment’ Set Precedent for Parthenon Sculptures Return?

The return of the "Fagan fragment" from the Antonino Salinas Museum in Palermo, Italy to Greece is seen as the precedent for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures

Parthenon Sculptures: Greek PM Urges Johnson to “Seize the Moment”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday appealed again to his UK counterpart Boris Johnson to return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece. Mitsotakis urged Johnson...

Parthenon Sculptures Should Return to Greece, the British Say in New Poll

The majority of Britons favor the return to Greece of the Parthenon Sculptures currently exhibited at British Museum, a new poll shows

Acropolis Museum in Athens Deserves to Welcome Parthenon Sculptures

UNESCO recently called for the return of the Parthenon sculptures to Athens from the British Museum, but the appeal has fallen on deaf ears. By...

British Museum Damage Raises Concerns Over Parthenon Sculptures

A roof that has been leaking was reported as the reason why the gallery of the Parthenon sculptures of the British Museum has not opened to the public yet.

July 31, 1801: The Day Elgin Took the First Parthenon Sculptures

It was July 31, 1801 when the 7th Earl of Elgin took down the first-ever Parthenon sculptures in Athens to take to Britain.

Germany Shows the Way for Parthenon Sculptures Return to Greece

Germany announced they reached an agreement with Nigeria to return the Benin Bronzes, in a move similar to the Parthenon sculptures issue.

A New Greek Revolution for the Parthenon Sculptures

Recent comments by British PM Boris Johnson continue to highlight the British side’s intransigence on the issue of the Parthenon sculptures.

Greece Hails Spirit of Philhellenism in US' Parthenon Sculptures Initiative

Greece has invited the eighteen members of the US House of Representatives who have formally requested, in a letter to British Prime Minister Boris...

Greece Urges Britain Again to Return Parthenon Sculptures

The Greek government has once again called on Britain to return the Parthenon Sculptures as the Acropolis Museum marks its 11th anniversary, The Guardian...