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2004 Summer Olympics: Greece’s Magical Night on the World Stage

On August 13, 2004 Athens and the whole of Greece showcased its history to the entire world during the spectacular opening ceremony of the...

Olympic Stadium of Athens Shuts Down for Safety Reasons

The management of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA) announced on Friday that all activities at the Olympic Stadium and the Velodrome will be...

The First Ever Cheesecake Was Served to Ancient Greek Olympic Athletes

Cheesecake is one of the most recognizable and popular desserts. You may assume its origins trace back to France or possibly Italy, as the...

The Olympic Airways Plane That Has Become Home in an Oregon Forest

A plane from the Greek airline Olympic Airways, which since 2012 has sat in a forest in Oregon, has a surprisingly glamorous history. Retired engineer...

The Olympic Airways Plane That Almost Crashed Into Athens

It was August 9, 1978 when an Olympic Airways Boeing 747 almost crashed into central Athens, with the pilot avoiding the disaster in the last second

Ancient Greek Women Held Their Own Olympic Games

The ancient Heraean Games was a sporting event exclusively for women, in honor of the Greek goddess Hera done every four years.

Paris Olympics to Include Electric Flying Taxis

As Paris prepares for the Summer Olympics in a year's time, aviation start-up Volocopter aims to make history with its VoloCity program. This commercial...

Loukoumades: From the Ancient Olympics to the Present Day

Loukoumades, a favorite sweet delicacy that can be found in every Greek city, have a thousand-year history. There is even literary evidence that loukoumades...

The Origins of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

The origins of the Olympic Games take us back into Ancient Greece and the legends of the heroic athletes visiting the city of Olympia.

Date for 2024 Paris Olympic Games Flame Lighting Ceremony Revealed

On Friday, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games organizing committee announced that the Olympic Flame will be lit on April 16 next year. As per tradition,...