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NATO’s Turkey Wants to Join Anti-Western Group Led by Russia, China

NATO member Turkey recently signaled its intention to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a regional grouping led by Russia and China. Iran has...

NATO, US Sit on the Fence on Turkey’s Provocations Against Greece

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addresseD the issue of Turkey's provocations against Greece on Friday.

Greece Asks UN, EU, and NATO to Condemn Turkey’s Provocations

Greece has sent letters to the UN, EU, and NATO alerting of the unprecedented barrage of threats by Turkey against the country. The letters were...

NATO Congratulates Turkey for Victory Over Greece in 1922 War

A NATO command located in Turkey congratulated the Turkish Army for its victory against Greece in the 1922 war, leading Athens to issue a...

The Karamanlides: Orthodox, Turkish-Speaking People Native to Anatolia

A group of people native to Anatolia, the Karamanlides, are believed by many to be Turkish speaking Greeks. They used a dialect of Turkish...

US Senator Menendez Warns Turkey Over Supply of Russian Missiles

Turkey's possible purchase of S-400 missile systems from Russia would be a violation of US sanctions, Senator Menendez said on Thursday.

DNA Study Finds Etruscans Originated From Steppes—Not Anatolia

The mystery of the origins of the Etruscan people—the center of an enigma that stretches back millennia—has recently been solved, due to the miracles...

Biden Signs US Approval Documents For Finland, Sweden To Join NATO

President Biden signed ratification documents endorsing Finland and Sweden's NATO accession on Tuesday.

NATO Firefighting Aircraft Arrive in Greece to Fight Wildfires

NATO sent firefighting aircraft and helicopters to Greece to help the country battle wildfires, the alliance said on Friday. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency...

Wanted Crypto Whale Ignatova Worth $500 Billion May Be in Greece

Crypto whale Ruja Ignatova, who allegedly steered one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency frauds and is on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) list...