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Free Thematic Walking Tours of Athens Available in English in May

The Athenian Itineraries thematic walking tours of Athens return in May, with five itineraries available in Greek language and two in English.

The Dating of Greek Easter—Explained by A Mathematician

The Greek Orthodox use the calendar devised by Julius Caesar -- the Roman general turned dictator -- versus the calendar tweaked by the Pope.

Emblematic Ancient Greek Artefacts Travel To Australia

Emblematic ancient Greek artefacts from Greece's largest museum will be exhibited in Australia.

Number of Forest Fires in Greece Rises Dramatically in 2022

There has already been a marked increase in the number of forest fires in Greece in the first three months of 2022, the National...

International Roma Day: The Stigmatized People of Greece

The issue of Roma people in Greece remains controversial to this day, as they prefer to live in the margins of society, refusing to integrate

Biden Issues Greek Independence Day Proclamation

US President Joe Biden issued a Greek Independence Day proclamation hours ahead of March 25th, honoring the "countries' deep and historic bond." Biden makes a...

Ukraine Disinformation Explodes as COVID-19 Falls, Media Body Says

In February, COVID-19-related disinformation fell to its lowest level ever -- just as disinformation related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine exploded, the European Digital...

Dramatic Footage of Russia’s Air Assault on Kyiv, Ukraine Emerges

Russia launched a massive air assault on the Antonov International Airport in Hostomel, just outside the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine on Thursday at...

Dramatic Rise of Foreign Investments in Greece

Greece marked an impressive increase of 74.3 percent in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2021, according to Enterprise Greece

North Pole Experiences Dramatic Increase in Lightning

The northernmost Arctic experienced a steep increase in lightning throughout the course of 2021. Scientists say that the extreme weather at the North Pole...